Winter Festivals and Fairs in Southern Spain

by warmsleepy

Even if you won’t be able to get a tan or swim into the Mediterranean Sea, it might still be a good idea to visit Spain in winter. A first argument is that, even in the middle of winter, temperatures will still be bearable and considerably higher than in Northern Europe, especially in Southern Spain. With the tourists hordes gone, you’ll have plenty of time and space to visit Andalucía’s impressive monuments and sights at your own pace. In addition to being very mild, winters in Spain can also be pretty eventful. So while traveling from place to place and admiring the country’s rich history and arts, you might want to enrich your experience by checking out the following winter festivals and fairs in Southern Spain:

Three Kings Festival, Malaga

The Three Kings actually represent the three kings that witnessed the birth of Jesus. Three Kings processions are customary in Spain, however this celebration came to be associated with the more touristy Malaga. People and especially children expect the day of the celebration with great excitement, as the luckiest of spectators will receive gifts from the Three Kings.

Festival de Jerez, Cadiz

by SD Dirk

Officially known as the Jerez Festival this manifestation takes place in the historic Jerez de la Frontera, a town neighbouring Cadiz. This is one of the best places to learn about flamenco and watch some of the best flamenco dancers in the country display their talents.

The Verdialez Music Festival, Malaga

Malaga is definitely the centre of attention during winter: another one of Spain’s most popular winter festivals, The Verdialez, takes place in this superb port and summer resort.  For those of you that don’t know, verdialez is actually a form of flamenco. The festival takes place right after Christmas (28th of December) and it align the best verdialez dancers and bands in the region.

Carnival, Cadiz

by _DODO

The Carnival in Cadiz is the biggest in continental Spain. As any classical Mardi Gras manifestation, the carnival takes place between different dates each year, depending on the dates of the Easter lent. Even though it has the traditional floats and feather costumes one would expect from such an event, the Cadiz carnival is much more than that. Those of you who enjoy street musicians, jam sessions and satirical music, will feel like they landed in heaven. Unlike the Carnival Tenerife the one in Cadiz is less glamorous but has a very distinguished atmosphere which makes it a must.

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