Where to taste the best hot chocolate in Spain

by avlxyz

It comes without saying that party lovers, history lovers and all those in search for sunny weather and beautiful beaches will be more that pleased by a Spanish holiday. But what about more niche categories like, let’s say, chocolate lovers? Well, accidently or not, Spain is also a highly recommended destination for chocolate lovers. You might have heard of Swiss chocolate or Belgian truffles but did you ever try an authentic cup of Spanish hot chocolate? If not, this traditional Spanish drink is something to look forward to during your next trip in Spain.

A popular drink in Spain, hot chocolate was actually invented here. And unlike the dull cocoa, sugar and milk mix you’ll find in most places, the hot chocolate served in Spanish is thick, consistent and incredibly tasty. Not to mention that it is always accompanied by churros, a sort of local donuts. Now that I have opened your appetite for this heavenly drink, I bet you’re already wondering about where to taste the best hot chocolate in Spain. Here are some popular locations:

San Gines, Madrid

San Gines is usually the first name you will hear when asking a Madrilean about where to taste a nice cup of chocolate. The places is packed with customers, but waiters here have a reputation for being extremely efficient and helpful so don’t worry about waiting times. The hot chocolate and churros come in several varieties, all very delicious. And the long opening hours are a proof that the café’s owner understand the cravings of a true chocoholic.

Cacao Sampka, Barcelona

by lisa_eglinton

Barcelona is not the only Spanish city where you will find this popular chocolateria, however it’s the city with the nicest location – you’ll find Cacao Sampka in the heart of Barcelona’s trendiest district, L’Eixample. Remember that in order to really enjoy their rich hot chocolate you must be an authentic cacao lover: who else can put up with a drink that is almost pure cocoa?

Valor, Madrid

This is not only one of the most popular, but also one of the oldest chocolaterias in Madrid. Its fame goes back to the 19th century, and their recipes for preparing the hot chocolate and chirros have enchanted generations of chocolate lovers. Valor is also a famous chocolate brand in Spain, so their chocolateria is a great place to try out some unusual chocolate mixes and buy some nicely wrapped chocolate specialities for your chocoholic mates back home.

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