Where to Stay in Granada

Granada panorama

a room with a view Granada ©ccchan19/Flickr

With the grandiose Alhambra is its landmark attraction, Granada enjoys a constant flow of tourists, who are ready to travel all the way to the city in Southern Spain just to admire the Moorish works of art. And those for had the chance to awe at the marvels of Granada will confirm that it is worth the effort.

Of course, even if you just want to see the Alhambra, chances are that you will still have to spend at least one night in Granada. But this is usually no problem, as there are plenty of accommodation offers in the area. For those wandering where to stay in Granada, here’s a brief guide:

Budget accommodation

If accommodation expenses are limited by your travel budget, there is no reason to worry. At least, not when it comes to Granada. The city’s center is packed with youth hostels: Nest Style, Granada Inn Backpackers, Les Girasoles, Funky Granada are just a few of them. If you desire something more intimate, you can try of the many B&Bs. Granada’s bread and breakfast hotels are mostly located in the city’s picturesque residential areas and surroundings. Here are a a few popular ones: Carmen del Cobertizo, Casa Bombo, Cortijo del Marques, El Amparo.

Granada hostel

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Luxury hotels

Four and five star hotels are also present in Granada. Few of these hotels are clustered around the city center, offering immediate access to attractions, restaurants and nightclubs: Suites Gran Via 44, Hotel NH Victoria, Fontecruz Granada. Other are climbed up in the hills of Granada, offering breathtaking views of the city and Alhambra complex: Hotel Alhambra Palace, Hotel MA Nazaries. Shopping addicts can also opt for a boutique hotel, such as Hospes Palacio de los Patos, situated right at the heart of Granada’s shopping district.

Granada panorama

a room with a view Granada ©ccchan19/Flickr

Private renting

Private renting is another option when it comes to finding accommodation in Granada. The advantage of renting an apartment in Granada is that of versatility: you can choose between ultra-central and suburban locations, or budget studious versus luxury villas. There will be plenty of websites and agencies where you can book an apartment in Granada, so don’t worry if your Spanish is not very good. But it’s important to make your booking well in advance, especially if you plan to travel in high season, which is June to August. To give you a very rough estimation of the costs, the price of a 1 bedroom apartment in central Granada can vary between 120 euros/week (room with basic utilities) and around 800 euro for a private, multiple bedroom with pool and terrace villa.

old Granada houses

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