Where to Eat the Best Tapas in Spain

Tapas represent one of the great inventions of the Spanish culture. Tourists are generally crazy about this type of snack, which is why it’s essential for any traveler to know where to eat the best tapas in Spain.
But before starting to enumerate these much sought-for locations, there are few things you should know about tapas. Even though tapas came to designate a certain type of bar/eatery, you should know that the world ‘tapas’ actually refers to the little sandwiches and cold snacks which are served as an accompaniment to drinks. Tapas are traditionally served for free, so any location charging for tapas is not of the ‘true’ kind – even many of them will, nowadays. The following Spanish tapas are all famous for their delicious (sometimes free) food:


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Granada is often regarded as the home of tapas. Bars in Granada have made a tradition form serving free, delicious tapas with every drink – although today many people serve them as an accompaniment to cerveza (beer). There are quite a number of great tapas bars in Granada, of which Los Diamantes, Café Elvira, La Flauta and Ermita attract record number of customers.


The heavy, fragrant Rioja wines are best served with some delicacies like Spanish mature cheese or smoked pork loin, which is why tapas are almost a cult in Rioja. Ordering a glass of this much appreciated wine will, in most cases, get you a mouthwatering appetizer – generally some type of sea food. Some Rioja based tapas that are really worth a try are La Travesia, La Aldea, La Grota de Vino and the classy Las Cubanas.

San Sebastian

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If there is one thing that the northern town is famous for, that would definitely be food. Here in the heart of the Basque country one can find some of the best restaurants in the world. And the tapas here are heaven, or at least this is what people who frequent places like Casa Vergara, Fuego Negro or La Cepa often say. Oh, and remember that in the Basque Country tapas are in fact called pintxos and the usual way of serving them is to pick them up yourself and take them to the cash register.


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Madrid hasn’t so far managed to build a strong reputation in what concerns tapas. This is probably because Madrid is such a popular tourist destination and serving the free tapas would bankrupt the over-crowded bars. However, those stubborn enough to stroll the buzzing streets of Madrid in search for free food will eventually find it. To make your job a little easier, here are some popular Madrid tapas bars: Canada, Magister and El Tigre.

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