Where to eat the best seafood in Spain

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You may or may not be a seafood fan, but whatever the case, you should know that seafood in Spain is almost unavoidable. Spaniards have long developed a taste for cod, tuna, mussels and prawns, which can be found everywhere, from a buzzing farmers market to a trendy tapas bar. But no matter how popular seafood based dishes are in Spain, you always face uncertainty as a tourist. Knowing where to eat the best seafood in Spain will save you precious time and let you savour the best of the Spanish cuisine, without having to go through all that painful trial and error process that tourists in a foreign country often have to face:


As the capital of Spain and touristic hub, Madrid certainly deserves a place among Spain’s premiere seafood providers. Madrid is famous for its tapas bars, many of which specialize in seafood tapas.  The local markets are always a good place to buy delicacies and even try some inexpensive seafood grills. But gourmet food is what you should really be aiming for when wondering around Madrid. La Dorada, La Barraca or Bajamar are famous for their exquisite combinations and exclusive clientele. Other restaurants are known for their signature dishes: try the delicious paella at Arroceria Gala, the famous fish soup at O’Pazo or the lobster at Ribeira Do Mino.

Vigo, Galicia


Spain’s easternmost region is famous for its picturesque seaside, but few people know that Galicia also happens to be the no. 1 shellfish provider in Europe. The city of Vigo represents the natural choice for any seafood lover. With an economy which is almost exclusively based on fishing, Vigo provides the freshest and most diverse seafood in all Spain. Its markets and restaurants will never lack the best tuna, lobster or selfish dishes. There is even a Seafood Festival in Vigo, which is usually held in mid-autumn.

Barcelona, Catalonia

Barcelona fish market©Verity Cridland/Flickr

Where else but in Barcelona could one mix the free spirit of Catalonia with the gifts of the sea? Tapas are almost impossible to avoid in the touristy Barcelona, and very likely some of these traditional Spanish snacks will include anchovies, prawns or smoked salmon. Bouqueria market in Barcelona offers and amazing selection of fresh seafood – if you are the kind of DYI seafood aficionado, this is the place to get your ingredients. Those eager to try the best of Catalonia’s – and especially Barcelona’s cuisine – can try any of these awarded seafood restaurants: Els Pescadors, La Paradeta, Passadis del Pep or 7 Portes.

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