Where to Attend Bullfighting in Spain

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Bullfighting is to Spain what Real Madrid is for the city of Madrid: a trademark, and also a tradition. Bullfighting today might not be as popular as football is, but it nevertheless remains part of the Spanish culture. This represents an important enough reason to witness a real bullfight – however it must be said from the beginning that  this experience is not for the faint-hearted. Another thing that must be mentioned here is that bullfighting has been in the middle of intense controversy in the latest decades, with animal rights activists demanding a permanent ban on this sport. Having said these, if you are still interested in finding out where to attend bullfighting in Spain, all you have to do is keep on reading:


It’s hard to say if Madrid, the capital of Spain, is also the capital of bullfighting. But as a popular tourist destination and a city which prides on its bullfighting tradition, Madrid hosts bull fights regularly. Las Ventas bullfighting arenaon Alcala Street is the biggest – and also one of the oldest in Madrid.

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The venue hosts bull fights almost every month (with the exception of winter months) and it’s particularly busy in the month of May.  Vista Alegre might also host this type of events form time to time.


The culturally rich Seville is another Spanish city where bullfighting is still regarded an important tradition that needs to be cherished, rather than an act of cruelty. So bullfights are common in Seville, especially during summer festivals and usually on Sundays. The place where the bullring is located in Seville is called Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza.

La Rioja

This region in Northern Spain is known for its red wines, but it also developed its own style of fighting bulls. Thus, traditional Rioja bull fights are less violent, and the bull is not hurt, nor killed. The bullfights here, together with bull races, are usually organized during the harvest fairs, which, considering the fact that we are talking about a wine producing region, are held in September.

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Another popular destination for bullfight fans is the city of Valencia. The city’s encompassing bullring dates back to 1861 and represents one of the city’s landmarks. In addition to being a work of art in itself, Plaza de Toros is also home to a small museum, the Museo Taurino. March, July and October are the best months for attending a bullfight in Valencia, as they coincide with the city’s main celebrations.

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