What to do in Ibiza in the winter

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Ibiza becomes a party and holiday hot spot during the summer months, but did you ever wonder what happens to Ibiza when the crowds of noisy European students are gone? Well, it certainly doesn’t hibernate, if that’s what you had in mind. Actually, Ibiza can be a nice winter holiday destination. Even when the temperatures are low and the beaches seem deserted, Ibiza still enjoys the balmy Mediterranean weather and there are still enough visitors willing to fill the clubs and hotels for lower prices. And if you are still wondering what to do in Ibiza in the winter, then I hope this post will give you a few good suggestions:

Go Clubbing

That’s right, you can still go clubbing in Ibiza in winter. Although most Ibiza clubs close with the end of the season – that would be mid October – some of them will stay open till December and in some cases (Pacha) even all year round. So even if you visit the island in December, you still get the chance to go clubbing in one of its famous clubs and party like there’s no tomorrow. Just remember that these parties are usually organized in weekends, so you might want to plan something different for weekdays.

Eat out

Foodies will love Ibiza in wintertime. This is when restaurants experience with new menus and also when they drop their prices. Also, if you are very lucky, you trip might overlap with Ibiza’s gourmet festival, when certain restaurant offer special meal packages which allow you to taste their best and most refined dishes.

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Luckily for shopaholics, Ibiza’s famous marketsstay open during winter. Ibiza Town center fills with the colors and aromas of Christmas during the months of November and December. And, to make things even better, car boot fairs are organized each weekend, giving you the perfect occasion to buy original, inexpensive souvenirs.

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Walk, ride and explore

But the biggest advantage of traveling to Ibiza in the winter is probably the freedom to do what you like, when you like it. There be no more queues at the museums, and at certain hours the streets and beaches will be empty enough to allow you to take intruder-free pictures. You can walk around the Ibiza Old Town, explore the pristine coves, and for a plus of romanticism you can even go on a horse ride. With beautiful scenery, a rough terrain and plenty of marked trails, Ibiza also makes a fabulous mountain biking destination.

Ibiza town Winter ©baylina/Flickr

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