Trendiest Cafes in Barcelona

by notarivs

If there is one European city except Paris where one shouldn’t miss the chance of indulging oneself with a fresh cup of coffee and  a piece of gossip while looking at the passersby, that is certainly Barcelona. Spain is famous for having invented the hot chocolate, but good quality coffee is just as popular in the Catalan city. And considering how chatty and in the same time open minded and sophisticated the true Barcelonans are, no wonder that Barcelona became famous for its cafes. You’ll easily run into some cozy café while strolling through Barcelona’s old district – just go inside and as for a tallat or café bombo. The most demanding of you might also want to check out some of these trendiest cafes in Barcelona:

El Meson de Café


Literally ‘the house of coffee’, this coquette establishment in the middle of Bari Gothic has made a reputation for serving one of the tastiest cups of hot chocolate in Barcelona. The place is quite small so not many people will have room at the bar, but for the sake of your beloved taste buds, I suggest buying one of their coffee and brandy mixes to go.


With several small cafes spread within a relatively small area in the center of Barcelona, Bracafe is hard to miss – missing it would be like not being able to locate a Starbuck’s in New York, which is close to impossible.  Bracafe is among the most long-lasting cafes in Barcelona, and certainly the place for experienced coffee tasters looking for the best varieties of South-American and Caribbean coffees.


by stvcr

A café with tradition the heart of Barcelona’s old town – La Rambla – Mauri stands for tradition and elegance. Established in 1929, the café has warmed the hearts of both locals and tourists visiting Barcelona with freshly brewed café and enchanted their senses with the smell of flawless home-made pastries. A safe bet for all those in search for a calm, memorable Barcelona afternoon.

Café de L’Opera

It was customary for the educated public attending the opera on Sunday afternoon to go change impressions and maybe a piece of gossip over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. So no wonder that, with its aristocratic air and luxurious decorations, Café de l’Opera has remained one of the trendiest cafes in Barcelona more  than one century after its inauguration. Particularly famous for its French style croissants, this café is a must for opera aficionados and coffee lovers alike.

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