Traditional Spanish Christmas Food

by rosa y dani

Spain is one of the countries where families and religion play very important roles, so Christmas and the winter holidays will usually find Spaniards gathered around a big Christmas dinner. Traditional Spanish Christmas food is usually very rich and sophisticated – a traditional dinner will consists in several courses, including appetizers and desserts. You have to keep in mind that this dinner is served late in the Christmas Eve evening, and can last for hours – it’s basically the most important part of the day. Christmas Eve is known as La Noche Buena in Spain and it’s a great reason to celebrate, be happy and indulge on some of these fabulous dishes.

Christmas Tapas

It’s hard to imagine any family or friend gathering in Spain that lacks the small and delicious snacks that are knows as tapas. The Christmas tapas are no different from the regular tapas, although they mostly contain some fish or seafood (an old superstition says that people must serve fish in the last days of the year, but on the other hand we all know how widely popular fish and seafood are in Spain). Artichokes, anchovies, smoked salmon, chorizo and bacon are the common ingredients in Charismas tapas.

The Christmas Dinner Menu

by arquera

The main part of the Christmas dinner usually consists of two courses – a soup and steak accompanied by salads and drinks. Escudella, a rich meat and winter vegetable soup is an all-time favorite, but people might opt for simpler soups such as garlic soup. The highlight of the Christmas dinner is usually the roasted lamb accompanied by baked potatoes. Some people however prefer a lighter dish like a vegetable and fish roast, or they would just by some fresh lobsters from the market and prepare it using a classic recipe.

Traditional Christmas Desserts and Drinks

by la-blasco

Almonds and marzipan are the main ingredients in the Spanish traditional Christmas desserts. There are a lot of different cakes one can serve for Christmas, including turron (a kind of nougat), polvorones (crumble cake) and rosquillos de vino (wine flavored cookies). The recipes might differ from region to region – for example, another popular type of nougat is called Alicante.

A last essential thing to remember about the Spainsh dinner is that it’s always best served with some fragrant red wine from the Rioja region or, for a more festive atmosphere, you can buy a couple of bottles of cava, the famous Spanish sparkling wine.

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