Top Five Biggest Nightclubs in Spain

concert in barcelona

razzmatazz ©alterna2/Flickr

Summer might be over but not for the ever sunny and welcoming beach resorts in Southern Spain. In places like Ibiza, Benidorm or Malaga you can get at least one more month of summer bliss. The weather stays warm and the sea will be perfect for swimming. And even though many youngsters will have fled home in time for the beginning of the school year, the famous clubs on the Spanish seaside will throw just as many parties! So enjoy the last days of summer with these top five biggest nightclubs in Spain:

St Trop, Lloret del Mar

This famous club in Lloret del Mar will soon be celebrating its 50th anniversary. But even though the club has been hosting generations of party-goers, it hasn’t lost its glamor. Today the club has several dance floors and plays a variety of electro and dance genres. Its decent price tags and long tradition make it a favorite with the crowds of students from all over Europe.

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garden in Lloret del Mar ©Jaume Meneses/Flickr

Razzmatazz, Barcelona

With an exotic name and an impressive capacity, this club is a highlight of Barcelona’s nightlife. Was used to be a warehouse has transformed into a modern, accommodating club, and a pit-stop for some of the world’s most acclaimed DJ’s. A state of the art sound system and different dance floors for different music styles, the club will satisfy almost every musical taste.

concert in barcelona

razzmatazz ©alterna2/Flickr

Barracuda, Mallorca

This classy club in Mallorca is not necessary the kind that college students would be crazy about. Although the club hosts numerous thematic parties and has a very chic decorum, its selection of music features mainly the hits of the glorious age of dance: late 70s and 80s. However, the club is just as suited to accommodate a big party of nostalgic club-goers or a noisy group of students!

Space, Ibiza

Ibiza has long been crowned the party capital of Europe, and there are several long-established clubs there that any aspiring DJ and respectable club-goer must add to their CV. It’s hared to compare a club like Space with any other: its proverbial parties are attended by thousands of people, and the sound produced by its top DJ’s is as pure as crystal.

Ibiza party

Club Space ©christian.kloeppel/Flickr

Moma, Madrid

Madrid might not be on the seaside, but the capital of Spain receives just as many attention from party-goers as Ibiza or Barcelona. Madrid is a city that never sleeps and its clubs, tucked between historic cobbled streets, are much appreciated for their special vibe. With its unique design and raving parties, Moma is authentic sample of Spanish-style, dusk till dawn fiestas.

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