Top Attractions around Granada

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One of Spain’s top tourist destinations, Granada is an absolute must for all those interested in the Spanish culture and history.  The Alhambra Palace, a true gem of Moorish architecture, is probably the most famous of Granada’s attractions. However, the city itself is a true open-air museum, with narrow streets, large squares and old churches at every step. In case you happen to have a few days to dedicate to this superb Andalusian city, try to explore it till the last corner, and you won’t be disappointed. You might even reserve a day for exploring the surroundings, like these top attractions around Granada:


Centuries ago the little town of Albaicin used to be Granada’s less glamorous neighbor. Not the town has become another one of Granada’s districts, yet one with a very particular atmosphere. With white washed villas tucked among pines and its steep, narrow streets, Albaicin is now one of the trendiest areas of Granada. In addition to the great panoramas over the city, here you will also find some of the best pubs, restaurants and cafes Granada has to offer.

Sierra Nevada

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Just a short drive from Granada you might find yourself in the middle of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is one of the most popular winter sports destinations in the country, but the truth is that the mountains are spectacular in any time of the year. A day will be enough to make an idea of these beautiful mountains and maybe even take one or two short hikes.


The region of Sierra Nevada is home to some of the most interesting attractions, like the town of Gaudix. This town at the foothills of Sierra Nevada seem to have been inhabited since prehistory. The history itself and some of the town’s monuments are indeed fascinating, but the main reason to get here is to admire a whole neighborhood of houses that were carved in rock.


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Nerja’s deep connections with Granada are yet to be discovered. This city on the shore of the Mediterranean is famous for its caves (whose underground galleries are supposed to go as far as Granada) but also for its lovely beaches and pleasant climate. The most famous attraction in Nerja is the Balcon de Europa, a panorama point with very nice view of the town and surrounding sea, but also for the roman aqueduct, still standing over a deep valley after 2000 years.

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