Top 5 most fashionable Madrid clubs

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Joy Madrid © PromoMadrid/Flickr

Spain…Summer…Fiesta! A new summer is about to start, and the holiday is closer than you would think. As one of the most popular destinations in Spain, Madrid is getting ready for a new wave of tourists. Actually, summer is the one and only time of the year when Madrid truly belongs to its tourists.

Madrid might look deserted in the middle of a hot summer day, but just wait until the sun sets. The streets are filled by a noisy and euphoric, and restaurants and night clubs play happy music inviting customers in. So if you want to party in style, check out these fabulous nightclubs:


Reinabruja is among the newest nightclubs in Madrid, however this chic club was an instant success. The club’s interior design is of the kind that will have you staring for hours. The futuristic panels on the dance floor gleam with electric blue and fluorescent green, creating an energizing atmosphere. There is good contemporary music, and from time to time some hot celebrity party full of glam.

Palacio Gaviria

Few European clubs leave such a strong impression as Palacio Gaviria, one of the most fashionable Madrid clubs. This fancy Madrid nightclub was one a lavish Renaissance-style palace, and its owners did their best to preserve the painted walls and massive doors. The club has several dance floors, each with their own music. The clientele is very eclectic, as the music, but don’t be surprise you you runt into some famous football player or model.

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Palacio Gaviria © Dunkoman/Flickr

Joy Madrid

If you haven’t spotted any celebrity at Palacio Gaviria, then maybe it’s time to pay a visit to Joy Madrid. Allegedly the best and most popular dance club in Madrid, club Joy enjoys an international reputation. Party animals visiting Madrid will all like to check out this club, while for the local socialites it has become a routine to be there Saturday night. Just remember to dress fashionably – otherwise the bouncers at the door might send you away.

nightclub party

Joy Madrid © PromoMadrid/Flickr


With an ultra-central location, Kapital is really hard to miss. It really does not matter if you are like big parties or intimate gigs, or what kind of music you enjoy. There is something for everyone at Kapital, which has no less than 7 dance floors. If you are not in a party mood, you can always find a refuge in the chill out area or join a small karaoke party. But rest assure, you will not get bored.

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