Top 5 Historical Itineraries in Spain

Moorish mosques, fortified villages, century-old monasteries and sumptuous royal palaces: in terms of history and architecture, Spain can hardly be equaled. Some parts of Spain will even display ruins of roman settlements, so no matter if you are interested in ancient or contemporary history, Spain can offer you plenty of material to muse on. Talking a historic tour is a great way to visit as many monuments as possible in a relatively short period of time. So you might want to consider these top 5 historical itineraries in Spain:


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Located in Southern Spain, the current city of Cordoba rests upon millennia of history. Here on the banks of Guadalquivir River you will be able to trace down the history of Cordoba back to Roman times, and visit sights like the Roman Bridge, Roman Temple, Roman Theater etc. The Muslim conquest has left Cordoba with inestimable pieces of architecture, like the Great Mosque of Cordoba, Mezina Azahara or the eleven water mills on the river.


This town in the south-western extremity of the Spanish continent is regarded by historians as one of the oldest human settlements in the whole Europe. Despite this long habitation, the city only flourished during the Colonial age, when its strategic positioning helped Cadiz dominate the connections with the New World. A walk through old town Cadiz will reveal the narrow streets, monumental squares and cathedrals, as well as parts of the old fortress.


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The Moorish heritage makes Granada on of the most picturesque historic cities of Spain. The world-renowned Alhambra palace is a striking work of architecture and the symbol of the city. There are however, plenty of other monuments to explore, like the Royal Chapel, the Cathedral of Granada and the historic neighborhoods Sacromonte, Cartuja, Realejo.

Madrid to Toledo

The proximity of Toledo to the capital Madrid makes it a great day trip destination. Once the capital of Castile, Toledo displays an impressive concentration of castles, gates, synagogues, churches and bridges. As for the actual capital Madrid, here you can visit the famous squares (Puerta del Sol), cathedrals (Almudena), Royal Palace, as well as some national museums (Prado, Reina Sofia).


The north most of the historic cities described today, Leon is the former capital of the Middle Age state known as Kingdom of Leon. Leon is deeply connected with Spanish Catholicism, as it was an important stop in the famous pilgrimage route Camino de Santiago. Most historical attractions are represented by churches, convents and basilicas.

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