Top 5 Coolest Theme Parks in Spain

by olivier bruchez

Spain is certainly among those places which people always remember with a big smile on their face: the cheerful people, almost always sunny weather and laid back atmosphere make a trip to Spain synonym with good time and fun. The discos, beaches and fiestas are usually the main ingredients in an unforgettable vacation, but there are plenty of other ways to have fun in Spain. Few people know this, but Spain actually has some of the biggest theme parks in Europe. With state of the art roller coasters and dozens of other rides and attractions, these top 5 coolest theme parks in Spain are might be your fastest ticket to a memorable day:

Port Aventura, Tarragona

Port Aventura near the city of Tarragona is one of the largest and most visited amusement parks in Spain. The park is themed around the idea of journey and expedition, so it consists of several thematic sections, each describing a different culture like Mexico or China. It is also quite close to Barcelona – maybe a couple of hours drive – which is why it makes a great day trip for tourists visiting the Catalan coast.

Isla Magica, Seville

by kojotomoto

With its unique blend of Western and Islamic styles, Seville has enchanted generations of tourists. But history and architecture aren’t the only assets of Seville: the Andalusian city can also pride on its notorious theme park, called Isla Magica. Isla Magica is the place where the medieval Seville come to life and where the fierce pirates and El Dorado create a unique experience.

Aqualandia, Benidorm

Roller coasters are great for a winter weekend with nothing on the agenda, but when it comes to the torrid Spanish summers, the roller coaster is invariably replaced by a huge, colorful waterslide. Aqualandia was the first water park in the country and it remains the most famous. Its location in the lively Benidorm makes it a family all times favorite.

Terra Mitica, Benidorm

by adriano agullo

Benidorm is certainly the capital of fun, as one of the biggest theme parks in the country is also located in the proximity of Spain’s’ popular seaside resort. A visit to Terra Mitica equals a trip back in a time of legend, when civilizations like Egypt and Greece used to rule over the Mediterranean Sea.

Monte Igueldo

The biggest amusement park in the Basque Country, Monte Igueldo is situated in the immediate vicinity of San Sebastian. The park is mainly known for its incredible location on a high promontory overlooking the sea. It has all the classical attractions: pony rides, bumper cars as well as a very original log flume.

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