Top 4 Biggest Nightclubs in Spain

Ibiza club

Club Space ©stevedotcarter/Flickr

You’ve probably heard people praising Ibiza’s clubs all your life, but you should know that, although spectacular in their size and almost historic in their tradition, Ibiza’s clubs are not the only good clubs in Spain.

Spaniards are in general very fond of going out. But it is mostly tourists who fill the clubs in the holiday season. And the size of some of these clubs will help you make an idea of what a fabulous party destination Spain has become. Check out these fantastic clubs:

Space, Ibiza

As the name tells you, this ultra-famous Ibiza Club is also extremely large. To give you just an idea of the dimensions of this super-club, let me just tell you that it could easily fit the crowd at a medium-size concert or the spectators on a small-city football arena. Anyway, we are speaking of about thousands of clubbers here. Nevertheless, the size of the club does not alter the quality of its sound: in high-season, Space clients will be entertained by the world’s best and trendiest DJs.

Ibiza club

Club Space ©stevedotcarter/Flickr

La Terrrazza, Barcelona

The castle of Montjiuc has long been the heart and soul of Barcelona open air entertainment. So deciding to transform this well-known castle in a huge open-air party scene has proved a brilliant marketing idea. Known as La Terrrrazza, the club is open during summer time and attracts an eclectic mix of party-goers. You’ll also get amazing views of Barcelona at night and be entertained by some of the most stunning visuals.

club party

Terrrazza DJ Party ©sanse/Flickr

Razzmataz, Madrid

A legend for the Madrid party scene, the Razzmataz is the place where there is always something going on. Known for its hot concerts and gigs, the Razzmataz has its own concert hall. But this is only a small part of this huge and fashionable Madrid club. In total, the club has 5 different dance floors, each with their own decor, style and bar.

Barcelona club

Razzmataz concert ©alterna2/Flickr

Privilege, Ibiza

And where else but in Ibiza could the last of our top 4 biggest nightclubs in Spain be found? While Ibiza clubbers could argue for days on which is the best or biggest club on the island, there is no doubt that Privilege has a truly gargantuan dance floor. This club is so big that it will often require you to go there several times before you learn how to get around by yourself. An outstanding feature of the club is its full-size swimming pool, located right in the middle of the major dance floor.

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