Tips for traveling in Ibiza during high season

a day at the beach

Ibiza Beach ©Philip Larson/Flickr

Yaaay, summer is here and so is the summer holiday! Students all over the world are looking forward for a new season of travels, adventure and partying. Millions of students will head for Ibiza’s famous clubs and beaches this year, and many of them might be there already.

Summer in Ibiza is the busiest of seasons. Everybody wants to get a taste of the island’s party scene, of its sun-kissed beaches and delicious local food. So many party-lovers and youngsters together means that the atmosphere will be very energizing, but the high-season prices and queues will put many tourists off. Here are some easy tricks that will help you make your Ibiza holiday more enjoyable:

How to avoid queues

Queues are the major cause of frustration for anyone traveling to Ibiza between June and September. During high season, it is not unusual to see hundreds of people queuing in front of popular Ibiza clubs such as Pacha, Space or Amnesia. Things get even worse during the weekends or before some major event/DJ season. Fortunatelly, there is an easy way to avoid this: simply decide which club you want to visit the respective night, and buy your ticket online. You might also want to try to get to the club at the earliest time possible: that would be midnight, when most Ibiza clubs open.

beach rush

crowded Ibiza beach @copy;Philip Larson/Flickr


Even more annoying than queues are the high-season prices. The price for drinks, food and accommodation tend to skyrocket in summer, but there are still ways to avoid bankruptcy. For example, you could try to cook for yourself, at least for breakfast and lunch. Having some drinks in a bar before hitting the dance floor is a smart way to avoid the huge club prices. Also, many bars and restaurants will have their happy hour, during which certain discounts will apply. Taking the bus instead of a taxi might also save you a few dollars.

a day at the beach

Ibiza Beach ©Philip Larson/Flickr

Staying away from trouble

The best way of staying out of trouble is to avoid taking illegal drugs and drinking too much. You should also consider the fact that summers are really hot in Ibiza, so it is best to avoid going at the beach between 11 am and 4 pm. Under no circumstance should you decide to take a nap on the beach in the middle of the day!

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Ibiza sunset ©ST33VO/Flickr

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