Tips for Spending Easter in Ibiza

historic town

Ibiza old town ©victoriapeckham/Flickr

Here’s a thought on your Easter break: why not spend it somewhere warm? Somewhere where traditions have been solemnly carried out for centuries, where it is warm enough for a picnic by the sea, and where people are always cheerful…Somewhere like Ibiza.

Ibiza, the party island, goes through a radical transformation around Easter. Like in many parts of Spain, Semana Santa manifestations are held in Ibiza. In parallel with these, a new party season starts, as clubs open up their doors to students in their spring break. Here are a few useful tips for spending Easter in Ibiza:

What to see

The religious manifestations preceding Easter are the most important events that take place around Easter. Known as Semana Santa in Spain, the Holy Week is the week before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The two most important days are Thursday and Friday, when the old streets of Ibiza town host the traditional processions. A long row of masked men, dressed in white pr black robes, and belonging to the different orders or brotherhoods will be carrying religious statues and sacred objects on their shoulders. They will be accompanied by flowers, garlands, candles and a huge crowd of onlookers. Similar manifestations take place in Santa Eulalia, another Ibiza town – which also has a small procession on Easter Sunday.

Easter traditions

Semana Santa procession ©F3rn4nd0_2/Flickr

What to do

There are plenty of things you can do in Ibiza at this time of the year. Strolling through the historic center of Ibiza Town is one pleasant and cost-free activity. While Ibiza natives will spend Easter with their families, gathered around a traditional lunch or dinner, tourists prefer to chill on a seaside lounge. However, many of the businesses might be closed on Easter day, so our suggestion will be to stock on some nice Easter foods the day before, and go for a nice Easter picnic on the beach if the weather allows it. In the rest of the days, you might want to organize a little tour of the island, or maybe a culinary tour – Ibiza has excellent restaurants.

historic town

Ibiza old town ©victoriapeckham/Flickr

Parties and events

Parties are not so frequent during this period as they are in summer, however some of the clubs open their doors quite early in spring. Saturday night is the best for going out in a club. The club scene might be more animated in the week after Christmas. But Easter is really a great time to chill and check out clubs and lounges that are extremely busy and expensive in summer.

beach restaurant

Ibiza restaurant ©yashima/Flickr

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