Tips Against Heat for Your Spain Holiday

by The Wanderer's Eye

If you plan on travelling to Spain this summer, you are probably longing for a lot of sun – and the good news is that sunshine is guaranteed here. But the downside of Spain’s warm climate is that summers can get really, really hot. The impossible heat can be nuisance even for Spaniards, not to mention for the tourists who are not used to such high temperatures. It comes without saying that sightseeing is impossible during such a heat wave, but there still exist some practical tips against heat for your Spain holiday. With a little planning and good advice, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of Spain and its lovely climate even in the hottest months of summer!

Places to head for and places to avoid

The inland regions of Spain are particularly hot in summer. Due to its central location Madrid experiences torrid summers –if you are planning to sightseeing Madrid, you might want to choose some of the spring or autumn months. Other areas to avoid during summer are the southern regions, more exactly Andalusia. The proximity of the desert influences this region’s climate, making the summers very hot and dry.

But let’s not forget that Spain is well known for its beaches. The coastal areas, especially those from the north, experience maritime climate, so try heading for Costa Brava (with beautiful rugged shores and a lot of vegetation, pretty much like the French Rivera). You can also try Bilbao, a multi-cultural city in the heart of the Basque Country.

Some Practical Tips

Spanish people have found their own way to deal with the heat: it’s called a ‘siesta’. Don’t feel tempted to go outside around noon: not only is the heat dangerous, but you won’t find any shops or institutions open – everyone is inside, enjoying their siesta. Instead, try to enjoy a cold drink in a cafe or bar or chill out in your room.

The usual precautions regarding heat also apply in Spain: drink as much water as possible, avoid alcohol, and wear sunscreen and a summer hat. As for the alcohol matter, you won’t find spirits to be particularly popular in Spain, but sangaria (a delicious mix or wine, fruits and juices which is served cold is widely appreciated.) If you are wondering what to order from the lunch menu, try a fresh vegetable soup called gazpacho (also served cold).

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