Things to Do in Ibiza

by juank

Ibiza is the party capital of the Mediterranean and one of Europe’s most prolific electro music scenes. A favorite destination among European stags, 24 hour party people and aspiring DJs, Ibiza is a true trend-setter in terms of music and clubs. There is no doubt that Ibiza’s lively clubs will have you party till the break of dawn. But what is there to do between parties? Well, in the eventuality that you won’t sleep the whole day and would still like to enjoy the bright sun of Ibiza and its lovely beaches, you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that there are actually plenty of fun things to do in Ibiza. These are just a few:

Scuba Diving

by ubik2010

A vacation to Ibiza is a great opportunity to discover the underwater population of fish, sponges and algae that lives in the blue waters surrounding the island’s coast. The calm, azure waters of Ibiza are perfect for diving just as they are great for swimming. Diving can be both fun and educative and provided you have an underwater camera you will very likely shoot some gorgeous pictures.


Considering its predominantly young and bohemian population, Ibiza is a very bicycle friendly island. Rent a bike form one of the numerous bike renting facilities located all over the island and enjoy the lovely views and salty breeze. There are trails for mountain bikers as well so you have all the chances to go extreme.

Beach sports and water sports

by darren69

If you are trying to get the perfect tan but find the simple activity of lying in the sun unbearably dull, all you have to do is buy a beach volley ball and gather some friends. You can also swim or try some of the classical beach vacation activities like paragliding, water skiing or banana riding. On the fun and thrilling side of water related activities you can try paying a visit to Aguamar, Ibiza’s one and only waterpark.

Shopping around

Of course, shopping is always a favorite pass time activity around Ibiza. There are plenty of shops and boutiques that you can spend your money on, but there is on shopping facility you shouldn’t miss, no matter what the circumstances. I am talking, of course, about the Es Cana, unofficially known as the ‘hippie market’. This hippie establishment dating from the glorious ‘70s will enchant you with colorful , shirts, bandans, swede jackets, charms and beads.

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