Spring Attractions in Barcelona

formula 1 car

Grand Prix Spain ©Mypoorbrain/Flickr

Spring (especially the months of April and May) is a great time to visit the city of Barcelona. Although Barcelona winters are not harsh, people do tend to be more active and outgoing in spring. As soon as the spring arrives and the weather gets warm, Barcelona becomes the stage of numerous events, from open air concerts to the traditional Easter manifestations. Barcelona beaches come back to life, as both locals and tourists go here in search for sunlight and fresh air.

As for some specific spring attractions in Barcelona, here are a few suggestions for your future travels:

Feria de Abril

As I said before, Barcelona becomes very eventful in spring, and one of the annual events that is worth attending is Feria de Abril. This fun fair usually takes place at the end of April in Parc de Forum, and has its origins in an old Andalusian tradition. The atmosphere here is very typical of a country fair: there will be food, music, rides (including a huge Ferris wheel), and, to add the local touch, flamenco representations and contests.

Barceloan festival

music concert ©jaswooduk/Flickr

Primavera Sound Festival

A major music event in Barcelona, the Primavera Festival will give you the chance to get familiar with emerging and underground artists from all over the world. For those willing to try something different from the mainstream music we hear everywhere, this festival is just perfect. Also, what can be nicer than combining good music with one of Europe’s most beautiful cities?

Spanish Grand Prix

For a drastically different experience of noise, try grabbing a seat at Circuit de Catalunya, where the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix is organized every year. This major sports event gathers huge crowds of Formula 1 fans, who travel for thousands of miles for a chance to hear the rumble of a race car and get a glimpse of the world’s fastest drivers.

formula 1 car

Grand Prix Spain ©Mypoorbrain/Flickr

Easter Celebrations

Easter is a very important holiday in Spain, and Barcelona is one of the best examples of this. The Holy Week = Semana Santa, is taken very seriously by the citizens of Barcelona. Throughout this week you can assist at numerous manifestations – such as religious processions – many of which take place in the street. The Easter Day is reserved for family meals or picnics, which usually leaves the city almost deserted. Whatever your plans for Easter in Barcelona, there is one thing you shouldn’t miss: a taste of the traditional Easter sweets.

Barcelona spring

Easter procession ©Kevin Hutchinson/Flickr

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