Some Unusual Spanish Habits and Customs

Don’t get me wrong: when speaking of some unusual Spanish habits and customs, I don’t mean that Spain has the weirdest traditions and you’ll have a hard time understanding the Spanish culture. But it comes without saying that each nationality and culture has its own and unique customs that define it add make it stand out among other countries. Therefore, a trip to Spain might reveal some very interesting habits and practices to a foreign tourists (especially one which is not accustomed with the ‘Latino’ spirit). Today’s post will try to focus on these ‘peculiarities’ and give you a taste of the Spanish way to be.


by rahego

Siesta is a typical Spanish habit and it’s often mentioned when speaking about the lifestyle in the Iberian Peninsula. Technically siesta is a mid-day nap, but some people use this several-hour break at noon to have lunch or cool off in a bar. Siesta has some very practical origins: summer in Spain can be extremely hot, so walking or working in the noon heat could be very dangerous. Despite that the fact that many stores and businesses continue to close down at noon, siesta is slowly dying under the increasing influence of international corporate culture.


by Heart Industry

Football, or what Americans call soccer, plays a major role in the everyday lives of Spanish people. Just like in South America, football can go far beyond the borders of a leisure time activity. If you ever find yourself in the middle of an empty street wondering where all party people went, head for the first sports bar and you fill find them watching a game of football. You shouldn’t miss the chance to watch a football game live, especially when a team like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona is involved: fans put up a real show, and the game is often followed by a big street party.

Some Eating Habits

by ewan-m

Family plays a central role in the Spanish culture, so it’s not unusual for people (make it children or adults) to dine with their families during the weekend or even weekdays. In the evening, people often meet each other in tapas, where they have a little snack accompanied by beer (cerveza) or other drinks. They would often move from bar to bar, serving a small drink at each location. If you ever get invited to someone’s house for dinner, remember to bring on some gift like a bottle of wine, a dessert or something sweet for the kids.

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