Scenic Routes in Northern Spain

by sami keinanen

The Northern part of Spain is likely the most generous in terms of landscapes and geographic variety. It’s a region of amazing diversity, where castles, mountains, gorges and beautiful beaches create an ever changing landscape. Those planning an adventurous road trip and willing to do some hiking should definitely head for this part of Spain. If not for the sake of its incredible nature, than at least for visiting some charming historic towns like Oviedo or Santander. There are numerous possible scenic routes in Northern Spain but today we’re going to focus on four of the most popular:

Os Ancheres

Encompassing a number of narrow and secluded valley in the picturesque Galicia, the Os Ancheres mountain range hides a number of pleasant surprises. Every now and then you’ll be crossing some historic little town with stone churches and a lot of stories to tell. Some of them bear names like O Cebreiro – which also happens to be the location of an eleven centuries old church.

Picos de Europa National Park

by cayetano

Well known for its glaciers and spectacular peaks, a tour of Picos de Europa National Park resembles, under many aspects, a trip to the Alps. The park can be accesses by a variety of means: by foot – the are several well-marked trails, by bicycle and even by cable car. Those with just a few hours to spend can still enjoy its beauty from the car.

Bilbao and Vicinities

The Basque city of Bilbao is a true nest of culture – its impressive Guggenheim Art Museum is one of the best in the whole country. But if you decide to adventure outside Bilbao and visit the beautiful Basque country you certainly won’t regret it. Here you can visit different attractions like the historic Gernika or the ancient inscriptions on the walls of Santimamine Caves, which historians attribute to prehistoric men living more than 11 thousand years ago.

Santander to Oviedo

by julikeishon

Santander and Oviedo, widely accepted as two of the most picturesque small towns in this part of Europe, will welcome you on their narrow streets and old squares. Both these places are famous for their medieval cathedrals but the surrounding beaches are also worth mentioning. The route from Santander to Oviedo represents an attraction itself: it follows the coastline with its rugged cliffs and rolling hills, just to surprise you with a hidden cove or a sea view at every few miles.

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