Scenic Hiking Trails in Northern Spain

Camino de Santaigo©aherrero/Filckr

Hiking might not be the first activity you envision when thinking about Spain, but the reality is that Spain is a big country with very diverse nature and therefore plenty of places that hikers can explore. Spain has several mountainous areas but the Northern Spain with the Pyrenees is probably the most spectacular. The following scenic hiking trails in Northern Spain are well-known among Spanish hikers (and not only) and represent a great starting point for anyone interested to explore this wonderful region by foot:

Camino de Santiago

First, I should mention that there are two possibilities when hiking in Northern Spain: you can either follow the route of Camino de Santiago, or find some less famous, regular hiking routes. Camino de Santiago is an old pilgrimage route in Northern Spain, crossing the Pyrenees and ending in Santiago de Compostela, which gave the route its name. The route is not entirely fixed, so some of the pilgrims/hikers will try on alternative routes. The several hundred kilometre route crosses parts of the Basque country, Cantabria, Leon and Galicia.

Arenas de Cabrales, Picos de Europa

picos de europa ©kurtxio/Flickr

Located in one of Spain’s most famous national parks, Picos the Europa, this hike is not particularly long or strenuous. However, it will take you to one truly picturesque mountain village, called Bulnes. There is no road to the village you you’ll have to find your own way. Arenas de Cabrales in itself is an amazing spot, where you can indulge on a much appreciated blue cheese and visit some natural caves where this type of cheese is aged.

Anso and Hecho, Pyrenees

pyrenees ©DavidBaum/Flickr

Anso and Hecho are the names of two valleys situated close to each other in the Spanish Pyrenees. The region is famous not only for its breath-taking scenery: here you are closer to some of the highest peaks in the Pyrenees, but also for their lovely villages. These villages are not only old and surrounded by beautiful nature but also very keen in preserving their traditions. The delicious food is also one of the blessings of the Pyrenees.

Torre de los Horcados Rojos, Picos de Europa

Another famous hike in the Picos de Europe National park is Horcados Rojos. The view here is quite monotonous as you will be surrounded by rock formations with very little vegetation around. Nevertheless, it is one hike worth taking as you will be climbing one of the highest peaks in this part of Spain – little over 2500 meters.

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