Popular winter events in Barcelona

Barca in winter

Christmas lights Barcelona ©Carquinyol/Flickr

Christmas might be gone but the winter of 2012-2013 is not over, and there are still many events and festivities to attend. Barcelona becomes a very eventful city during winter – not that it is less so in summer, quite the contrary. Its numerous events and manifestations are just another reason to visit the Catalan city in winter. In the light of Christmas decorations, the historic streets of Barcelona create a dreamy winter atmosphere. So waste no time, book your Barcelona vacation and get ready to witness these popular winter events in Barcelona:

El Dia de los Santos Inocentes

This is a less known Spanish tradition is inspired by the biblical chapter in which King Herod ordered all the new-born children to be killed, fearing that the prophecy will become real and that the new ‘King’ will overthrow him. However, this has become less of a religious holiday and more of a Spanish version of the April Fools Day, which is why people play all kinds of tricks on each other, and you’ll find hoaxes even in the media.

Barca in winter

Christmas lights Barcelona ©Carquinyol/Flickr

New Year’s Eve

Like everyone around the world, the people of Barcelona consider the New Year Eve celebration to be one of the most important events of the year. There are various nights to celebrate this special night: one can book a table in a fancy club, stay at home with their family, or join the big street party with live music and pyrotechnic shows. Just remember to respect the tradition and have the fresh grapes ready for the final countdown.

Three Kings Parade

One of the most important traditions in the Spanish calendar – and also a very spectacular one – takes place on the 5th of January. This is the Three Kings Parade, or the Reyes Magos. Children are particularly fond of this celebration, not only for having the chance to witness the beautiful and creative parade floats, but mostly because of the three kings, who arrive on their horses and throw candies at the crowd.

traditional cake

Reyes Magos cake ©pedroreyna/Flickr


And last, but not least, there’s the Carnival. Like everywhere in the catholic world, the carnivaltakes place around Ash Wednesday – the beginning of the Easter lent. The Carnival in Barcelona might not be as famous as the one in Tenerife, but this doesn’t mean it is not fan. There will be fancy costumes, parties, barbecues, contests, good food, shows and, in the true Spanish tradition, food fights.

carnival outfits

ready for carnival ©adriagarcia/Flickr

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