Popular Leisure Time Activities in Spain

by nicholas babaian

A trip to Spain is always a great occasion to have some fun and make all worries seem less troublesome than a soap bubble. A trip to the beach and a night out in a fancy club would usually do it, but one shouldn’t go ahead imagining that partying and lying in the sun are the only ways in which a Spaniard can have fun. There are numerous other ways to have fun in Spain, which is why today I’ve decided to tell you a little bit about some popular leisure time activities in Spain:


by frescotours

Walking might not be everyone’s  favorite way of spending their free time, but it’s certainly one of the best ways to relax, discover new places and keep fit in the same time. The Pyrenees are probably the most popular destination with hikers, with thousands  taking the way of Santiago de Compostela (a medieval pilgrimage route) every year. The Sierra Nevada ranges in Southern Spain make a great choice, as well.


With just a small piece of land connecting its territory to the Continent, Spain is surrounded by sea and crossed by numerous rivers. Fishing is widely practiced off the coast of Spain, for both commercial and entertaining purposes. Saltwater and freshwater fishing trips are equally popular in Spain, however keep in mind that you’ll need to obtain a fishing license in both cases.


by jurvetson

Golf has become widely available in Spain, especially around the major cities and the big seaside resorts. While many hotels and resorts might have their own mini golf facilities, you’ll find a considerable number of prime quality courses, especially in the area of Costa Blanca and at the outskirts of Barcelona and Madrid.


What more could be said about the Spaniards passion for football? Like in many Latino countries, football fills in stadiums and sports bars and is responsible for huge fiestas in the street. No matter how much you know about this sport, you should seriously consider booking a ticket to watch Real Madrid or FC Barcelona playing and join the general enthusiasm.


Last but not least, here comes an activity that you can enjoy everywhere you go, no matter what the time of the hear or how late in the night: dancing. While places like Ibiza are famous for their nightlife, you can find dance clubs (discotecas) everywhere in Spain.

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