Must-see early summer manifestations in Spain

stage at Benicassim©Speculum Mundi/Flickr

It’s officially summer and I bet you are already dreaming about sunny beaches and white nights. Spain is very likely on many people’s list of holiday destinations this year, with hundreds of kilometers of beaches just waiting to be filled by sun-thirsty holiday-makers. But what else can one do except getting tan during the hot Spanish summers? Well, these must-see early summer manifestations in Spain might give you some ideas:

Benicassim Festival, Benicassim

A music festival is always a good occasion to have fun, meet interesting people and probably improve you knowledge of contemporary music. Benicassim might such a famous place as its neighboring cities Barcelona and Valencia, but in mid-July it becomes the hottest point on Spain’s Eastern coast. Thousands of Spaniards and tourists altogether travel to Benicassim to attend the Benicassim festival and enjoy its international lineup.

Hogueras de San Juan, Alicante

Alicante ©Robert Nyman/Flickr

Just people in the Northern countries celebrate the arrival of summer with an ancient holiday known and Midsummer, the Spaniards have their own summer solstice rituals. The best known manifestation of this kind is known as Hogueras de San Juan, which, in a free translation, means ‘The Bonfires of San Juan’. There won’t be any bonfires in present day Alicante, however fire will be present especially in the form of fireworks. The celebrations in Alicante take a whole week, with music, dance, food, contests and sometimes even corridas.

SONAR Music Festival, Barcelona (and various others)

Barcelona has got its own big party in June when the annual and now quite famous SONAR festival usually take place. SONAR in a one of a kind festival, which brings together experimental and less conventional music genres with multimedia presentations such as projections or laser shows. Its innovative nature brings together quite a colorful crowd, but the biggest attraction remain its unforgettable parties, which only end in the morning, when a new day of festival debuts.

San Bernabe, Marbella

Marbella ©HerryLawford/Flickr

Quite a different manifestation takes place at the same time of the year in Marbella, southern Spain. In June, people in Marbella celebrate their patron saint’s day (San Bernabe, of course), with a classic Spanish fiesta. This means people will dress up, go out, dance, eat and have a great time. The most important part of the event is the Reconquista parade, which symbols the victory of Catholics over Moors. The whole event ends with a big fireworks show and an even bigger party.

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