Most Unusual Museums in Spain

torture chair©Ben Sutherland/Flickr

Spain is second to none when it comes to getting the finest beaches and prime historic monuments in one single vacation pack. But in addition to being the perfect mix between a fun and an educational vacation (and thus a great family destination) Spain also features some less common attractions for the less conventional tourists. Thus, thrill and oddity seekers will find not only some really weird festivals, but also some of the most unusual museums in Spain. Here are just a few:

Bandolero Museum, Malaga

In the town of Ronda, the province of Malaga you will find a museum which is not dedicated to arts, science or historical figures, but to some rather infamous but often picturesque members of society: bandits. At this unusual museum in Spain you’ll get to learn about some of the fiercest bandits that have once terrorized the roads all across Spain, and read through testimonials, newspaper stories and old legends.

Shoe Museum, Barcelona

shoe museum entrance by Carquinyol/Flickr

Like any big touristic city, Barcelona will have a small museum, monument or historic building at almost every step. Of course, not all these museums with strange themes are necessarily worth a visit, but the coquette Museu de Calcat (Shoe Museum) in Bari Gotic can offer you a birdseye view on  the history of shoes.

Museum of Torture, Santillana del Mar

santillana del mar©sedoglia/Flickr

Those visiting the scenic coast of Cantabria could pause for a couple of hours in the town of Santillana del Mar and visit a really unconventional museum: the museum of torture. Yes, you heard me right, this museum is dedicated to instruments of torture, which became very diverse during the times of the Inquisition. Even the bravest of visitors will get goose bumps at the sight of these atrocious tools used to torture people. But despite the chills and thrills, the museum represents an alternative to the common history museums with all their ceramic objects, miniature reproductions and weaponry.

Erotic Museum, Barcelona

Many of the world’s big cities and capitals now have an Erotic Museum – but if you want to see the Spanish version of it, then head for Barcelona. This is far from the world’s most largest museum dedicated to eroticism, but it can overall be an interesting experience, with some erotic cartoons and sex toys imported from the Far East. Just remember to leave your kids at home – otherwise you’ll have to come back the other day.

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