Most Spectacular Natural Attractions in Southern Spain

Desert in Spain

Tabernas Desert © Elecé/Flickr

The south of Spain has much tourist appeal, and this is no wonder considering all the blue-flagged beaches, historic cities and resorts that can be found here. Chic nightclubs and an unbelievable amount of sunny days add even more charm to the region. But there is even more to explore in this amazing region, blessed with incredible natural beauties.

Should you be a holidaymaker in Spain with a taste for adventure, then it is very important that you keep on reading. The following attractions will offer you the most amazing views, and their are perfect for a day trip or maybe a weekend escape:

Sierra Nevada National Park

The southern part of the Iberian Peninsula might be best known for its hot climate and fine beaches, but it also happens to have some of the most impressive mountains. The Sierra Nevada National Park encompasses not only amazing view, but also some of Spain’s most majestic peaks, valleys and canyons. In winter, the mountains are the delight of any skier. In summer, the Sierra Nevada offer numerous trails for hiker and mountain bikers, as well as a range of adventure sports such as canyoning, climbing, abseiling or rafting.

national park in Spain

Sierra Nevada ©j-b.d/Flickr

Cazorla Nature Park

Nor far from Seville you will find this well-known nature park, situated on the upper course of Guadalquivir River. The mountainous area is one of the wildest in Spain, with numerous species of mammals and birds. Adjacent to the park you’ll find a zoo, so if you are not very lucky with seeing animals in the wild you can always go there. One of the most scenic driveways in Spain can also be found in this park, so if you want to admire these spectacular attractions in Southern Spain at your own pace, the wisest thing would be to rent a car.

nature park

hike in Cazorla ©joseanavas/Flickr

Tabernas Desert

The southern part of Spain does indeed get very hot, so you’ll often find bare and flat stretches of land and sometimes even deserts. The Tabernas Desert is one of the driest areas is Spain, it is also one of the strangest natural attractions, as it is actually situated well below the sea level. Because it is surrounded in all parts by mountains, this desert gets very little water. However, plants and animals have found a way to adapt to these harsh conditions, so there is plenty of wildlife to observe. Most of the deserts inhabitants are reptiles (lizards, snakes), but also insects and prey birds such as falcons and eagles.

Desert in Spain

Tabernas Desert © Elecé/Flickr

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