Most Spectacular National Parks in Spain

Despite its apparent dryness, Spain is a vast country with a very diverse geography. While beaches seem the greatest natural asset of this sunny peninsula, nature lovers should know that Spain also has few spectacular mountainous areas, especially in the north. Actually, a quick inventory of national parks in Spain will reveal a surprising mix of natural features and assets, from snow-capped peaks to aquatic eco-systems. Make it a hiker, a biologists or just a curious tourists, no visitor of Spain should miss out these five most spectacular national parks in Spain:

Picos de Europa

by cayetano

The majestic peaks and unique rock formations in this park will create the ilusions that you are somewhere in the Alps. The beautiful park represents a common asset for three of Spain’s regions: Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y Leon and comprises peaks which are above 8000 feet. The resulting landscape is absolutely breathtaking: alpine meadows, oak forests, lakes and numerous natural caves.


by antonio tajuelo

Teide is the huge volcano that dominated the Tenerife Island and probably the dominant natural landmark for the extremely popular Canary islands. Even if, at its 3235 m above sea level, Teide is only the second highest volcano in the archipelago, it is by far the most visited. Its impressive height as well as numerous unique species of animals and plants attract a record number of tourists: according to recent statistics, Teide is the most visited park in Europe.

Ordesa y Monte Perdido

The Ordesa y Monte Perdido in the Pyrenees is famous not as much for its mountains, but for its valleys. Ancient glaciers descending form the limestione peaks have shaped paradisaical valleys throughtout their slow, millennial routes. The park also has an abundant wildlife and an impressive number of waterfalls and crystal clear mountain creeks.


by montuno

In the hot, arid climate of Southern Spain, Doñana National Park seems like a huge oasis. Donana has the aspect of an enormous wetland swarming with life. Birdwatchers will thrive on the hundreds fo specias of migratory birds that find a refuge in this welcoming climate, but those who are indeed lucky might also get a glimpse of the Iberian Linx, a species of wild cat which is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula.


Those visiting Toledo shouldn’t miss the occasion to visit one of the most picturesque national parks in Spain, Cabañeros. With endless green forests and pastures covering its rolling Cabañeros has been inhabited by farmes from immemorial times so you’ll also be able to enjoy some great landscapes.

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