Most Romantic Beaches in Spain

For all the couples out there searching for a summer escapade on one of the most romantic beaches in Spain, I should warn you from the beginning that it can be pretty difficult to spot them. Not because there aren’t any, but because of the fact that, with such terrific weather and tenths of blue flagged beaches, it’s almost impossible to decide. However, I thought that honeymooners might like a little privacy, and, as Spanish beaches tend to be quite crowded, I’ve decided to present you the most secluded of them:

Ensenada de Bolonia, Costa de la Luz

Costa de la Luz represents the south-western extremity of Spain – the coast facing the Atlantic. A famous attraction here is the town of Cadiz. All around Cadiz you’ll find almost deserted beaches with lots of sand (some of it might have travelled from Sahara) and surf-perfect waves. Ensenada de Bolonia is great for sunbathing and ideal for taking surf lessons.

Las Galletas, Tenerife

You might know already that Tenerife is dubbed ‘The Island of Eternal Spring’: no matter what the time of the year, here you’ll always find sunny weather and a warm sea to dive in. But this is the very reason why Tenerife can be annoyingly popular. Head as far as you can from the crowds of tourists and enjoy the quietness and picturesque of Las Galettas, a small fishermen community of the coast of Tenerife. A tiny beach, delicious seafood and lots of privacy will define your vacation.

Playa Quemada, Lanzarote

Another lovely fishing village with a secluded and romantic beach is Palya Quemada, also in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote used to be a very quiet place with lots of historical vestiges and delightful weather. Today Lanzarote is a major touristic destination but Palaya Quemada seems untouched by consumerism.

Cala Canutells, Menorca

Back to the Mediterranean side of Spain, the equally famous island of Menorca does have a few secrets to share. One of them is definitely Cala Canutells, a small strip of sand surrounded by the characteristic rugged shores and crystalline waters. Great for sailing and sunbathing without worries.

Callela de Palafrugell, Costa Brava

Calella de Palafrugell is actually the name of a small resort on the Costa Brava (the north-eastern part of Spain). There are numerous small beaches around this quiet resort, including three blue flagged ones. However, as most tourists gather around these three, you’ll can have the rest for yourself.

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