Most Popular Summer Events in Barcelona

Barcelona music fest

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With its lively beaches and numerous events, Barcelona makes a brilliant destination for the summer that has just started. At this time of the year, the city’s beaches and narrow historic streets are filled with tourists and joie de vivre. There is something going on every day in Barcelona is summer, and even in the lack of major events there will still be plenty of gigs, impromptu parties and street entertainment.

So what exactly is there to see in Barcelona at this time of the year? Well, I will try to answer your question by presenting you this short list of major Barcelona events:

The Dancing Egg

Barcelona’s long row of summer events starts with this unique tradition. Taking place on the 30th of May, the Dancing Egg, or L’Ou Con Balla, takes place in the city’s churches and squares. Why in churches and squares? Well, because here you can find most fountains, which play a crucial role in this manifestation. Connected with another major celebration – Corpus Cristi – the Dancing Egg is celebrated by decorating the city’s fountains with flowers and putting a hollow egg to dance on the jets of water.

Barcelona festival

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Grec Festival of Barcelona

Dedicated to the performance arts, the Grec Festival is one of Barcelona’a major cultural events. The festival stretches over a whole month, during which art lovers will be able to attend hundreds of events and meet artists from all the corners of  world. The soul of the event is the Grec Theater in Barcelona, but there will be various other across to city hosting the performances. Theater, dance and music are the major arts present at the festival, but circus or experimental performances are quite popular, as well.

Barcelona Pride

A gay-friendly city, Barcelona is home to one of Europe’s major gay festivals. Simply called ‘Pride’, the festival usually takes place at the end of June – it will be 28th-30th of June this year.  During the three days of festival you can attend several concerts and parties. It all ends with a big parade along Barcelona’s streets.

Gay festival

Barceloan Pride ©

Festival Pedralbes

Should you miss out on Sonar, Barcelona’s best known music festival, you can count on Festival Pedralbes, a new festival with an ambition to become one of the most popular summer events in Barcelona. The 2013 edition, which is ongoing, started on the 20th of June and will end on July 8th. The lineup is very impressive for such a young festival, and includes international artists such as Jose Carreras, Julio Iglesias and Lana del Rey.

Barcelona music fest

concert in Barcelona ©pcambraf/Flickr

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