Most Bizarre Attractions in Spain

Mosaic by Gaudi

by blu69

Praised for its beaches and lively cities, Spain is a country of extraordinary diversity.  Here sun tan is guaranteed almost all year round, but there is much more to expect from your encounter with Iberian lifestyle. Cities like Barcelona and Madrid are bustling with events, festivals, traditional music and dance. Works by Gaudi, Goya, Dali and Picasso represent only a part of Spain’s artistic heritage. And if you are searching for peace and tranquility, picturesque villages are ready to welcome you in their lovely houses. But there is always something more to explore when it comes to Spanish attractions. Today’s post focuses on some of the less common, bizarre attractions in Spain.

Güell Park, Barcelona


It’s hard to guess where does this city on the shore of Mediterranean Sea get all that energy and positivism. But one thing for sure, Antonio Gaudi’s bizarre creations seem custom-made for this buzzing citadel. Guell Park, initially designed by Gaudi as private residence, is famous for the typical Gaudian mosaics, non-conformist architecture and iconic dragon.

Festival of San Fermin, Pamplona

The bull run on the historic streets of Pamplona represents the main attraction of this world-renowned fest. Unless you are a professional bull fighter or an adrenaline addict of some sort, you don’t necessarily have to let yourself chased by bulls. There is plenty of music, dance and good food during the festival of San Fermin, which takes place every year between 7th and 14th of July.

El Rastro, Madrid

by Turismo Madrid

Country capitals are often likely to be posh, overcrowded and expensive. Under many aspects, Madrid makes no exception. And again, there’s El Rastro, probably the biggest flea market in the country. A visit to El Rastro is a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning and let loose your joy of bargaining.

La Cueva de Los Verdes, Lanzarote

On the greener side of bizarre attractions in Spain we might as well consider the Cueva de Los Verdes, a system of grottos unique in the country. Unlike most caves, these galleries were carved by flowing lava and volcanic gases, resulting in spectacular basaltic rock formations. An artistically illuminated path allows visitors to explore over 2 km of galleries.

La Tomatina, Buñol

by agsaran

With its well-known appetite for parties, Spain doesn’t lack festivals on the strangest kinds. It’s also the case of La Tomatina, hosted each year in August in the little town of Buñol. Whole trucks of juicy, fully ripped tomatoes fuel this public food fight of extreme fun. Everybody can join, just remember to bring and old T-shirt and that in cases like this, it’s every man for himself.


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