Most beautiful monasteries in Spain


Spain is among those European nations that take great pride in their Catholicism – a habit that might have something to do with the medieval confrontations between Christians and Moors. This is also why Spain has some of the most appreciated churches and monasteries in Europe. Spanish monasteries are not only the ending point of pilgrimages, but also a good reason to escape the buzz of big cities. And even though many tourists might not know this, Spanish monasteries can often offer some nice and decently priced accommodation. Today’s posts, however, will try to present you a few of the most beautiful monasteries in Spain:

San Jeronimo, Granada

san jeronimo ©tm-tm/Flickr

This monastery is very important for the history of Granada (and Spain in general), as it represent as symbol of the Reconquista (the war during which the Moors that were ruling Spain were defeated by Christians). San Jeronimo was built immediately after Reconquista and it has elements from several architectural style (Baroque, Gothic), as different buildings and decorations were added during time. It is also said that the initial building contained stones from the demolished Moorish constructions.

Montserrat Monastery, Barcelona

A favorite day trip destination with Barcelona visitors, Montserrat is one of the most famous and most beautiful monasteries in Spain. The first thing that strikes you as you approach the monastery is the beauty of Catalonia’s mountains, where the monastery is situated. This is a very old monastery and a popular pilgrimage place, but some people just come to Montserrat for the beauty of the landscape. Anyway, if you happen to be there at the time of the mass, don’t miss the opportunity to listen to the Choir Boys and their angelic voices.

Royal Monastery, Guadalupe

Another one of Spain’s famous monasteries is situated in Guadalupe and known as the Royal Monastery. The history of this monastery is closely related to a sculpture of Virgin Mary, which is attributed numerous miracles across time. This is also the reason why so many pilgrims come to Guadalupe and pray to the Virgin in hope that she will listen to their prays and help them.

La Encarnacion, Madrid

madrid church ©Jan Seifert/Flickr

For those visiting the capital of Spain, La Encarnacion is probably the most famous monastery in the area. The monastery is situated in the city however visiting is only possible in groups and in the company of a guide. The monastery hides numerous gems, not only an impressive collection of royal portraits but also the relics of catholic saints.

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