Most beautiful Madrid cathedrals

Almudena©Vic Lic/Flickr

A favourite destination with partygoers, shoppers and art lovers from all corners of the world, Madrid is only rivalled by Barcelona in terms of historic monuments. But the reality is that it is hard to compare the two cities: they each have their own charm, and even though Madrid lacks the works or Antoni Gaudi or the Sagrada Familia, it still has plenty of remarkable buildings and churches. As a proof ofthis, in today’s post I will describe some of the most beautiful Madrid cathedrals:

Almudena Cathedral

Almudena Cathedral is a relatively recent construction – its plans were developed sometime in the late 19th century – but in this sense it has a very similar story to the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona. In a short time Almudena Cathedral has become one of Madrid’s most visited landmarks. The cathedral was designed in order to match the demands of a country capital in terms of dimension, but also the celebrate the various artistic styles that are present across Spain. The cathedral can be found in the same square as Palacio Real, so make sure you pay a visit.

San Jeronimo el Real

Near Museo del Prado

San Jeronimo El Real ©Celso Flores/Flickr

This one church is particularly famous among Madrileans; not only because it’s sober Gothic style, but also because the important figures in its history. Historic documents show that this church was once a convent dedicated to San Jeronimo, but during the reign of the great monarchs Ferdinand and Isabel the church was relocated to Madrid.

Ermita de San Antonio

If you ever heard of the great Spanish painter Francisco Goya then you should know that this church in Madrid is famous for being home to some of his finest work. In addition to hosting some original frescoes painted by Goya, this church is also where the famous painter was buried. Attached to the main body of the Cathedral you’ll also find a small museum containing objects and drawings signed by Goya.

Basilica of San Francisco el Grande

San Francisco El Grande ©throughnothing/Flickr

Another of Madrid’s famous churches is Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, a monumental construction located close to the Royal Palace. This church is representative for the Neoclassical style and its interior decorations (especially its dome and main chapel) are some of the finest in Madrid. Another reason why this cathedral is worth a visit is the fact that it also hosts a small but valuable painting collection, including a famous Crucifixion of Jesus by Francisco Goya.


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