Most Beautiful Barcelona Churches

by martinclay

Art is always a matter of taste so when it comes to selecting the most beautiful Barcelona churches, it pretty much depends of your idea of beautiful. Of course, all the churches and cathedrals I am about to present you have earned their place among Barcelona’s most popular landmarks. Each of them is a masterpiece for its age and artistic trend, adding value and complexity to Barcelona’s remarkable architecture. If you are particularly interested in religious art, all these cathedrals should make it to your list of Barcelona sights. If you happen to find them by chance, stop for a while and get some time to admire them.

Sagrada Familia

by ekki

The withstanding construction designed by Antoni Gaudi has managed to become Barcelona’s most sought-for attraction. Gaudi’s lifetime work is continued even today – but even if the cathedral is not yet finished, it’s unique architecture and intricate ornaments attract thousands of tourists every day. Indeed  and ambitious project, Sagrada Familia combines the grandeur of medieval churches with the eclecticism and elegance of Art Nouveau.

Santa Maria del Mar

A typical gothic cathedral of impressive proportions, Santa Maria del Mar has witnessed many centuries of history. The traces left by the 1936 fire are still visible today, yet the fire didn’t affect too much the brilliant work of stone masons. Constructed on the shores of the Mediterranean, the cathedral reminds us of the glorious times of Spanish colonialism, when Spanish fleet used to rule the seas. This is a free admission monument so you have no reasons to miss it.

Sant Pau del Camp

This Barcelona church is very, very old. So old that its history can be traced back to the 9th century, when the initial church was constructed on a –back then – plain field.  Now this noble construction is surrounded by the vibrant, modern Barcelona, which accentuates even more its age and uniqueness. The church’s architecture is sober and solid, following the cross pattern typical to Romanesque churches.

Cathedral de Barcelona

by pnijhuis

Built on sacred ground in the heart of Barcelona, this majestic construction in surrounded in myth and legend. This cathedral is renowned not only for its gracious architecture, but also for its adjacent constructions: a cloister with a beautiful garden and a richly ornamented crypt, where the patron saint of the cathedral, Santa Eulalia, is buried. You can also climbto the roof and enjoy a lovely panoramic view of Barcelona’s historic center.

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