Madrid for Sports-Lovers

by cinacchi

Considering the the city’s gargantuan dimensions and impressive number of attractions, there are many sides of Madrid that might remain unseen for you, no matter how long your staying. When it comes to history, culture and nightlife, the capital of Spain can satisfy even the most demanding tourist. But when we get down to the ‘Madrid for sports-lovers‘ chapter, the Spanish metropolis doesn’t cease to surprise us.

And we are not only talking football here. While chances you run into some internationally renowned football player in some Madrid nightclub are pretty high, there is a great array of other sports you can watch/practice in and around Madrid. Let’s take a look at few of your possibilities:


by ayla87

Attending a football match of one of the local teams Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid is an important step towards learning the Madrilean lifestyle.  The atmosphere at the matches rivals that from South-American countries and hoologanism is generally not a threat.  Just act cool and maintain your neutrality, as the two clubs and their fans are eternal arch-enemies. Santiago Bernabeu, home to real Madrid and a living legend among football fans, is definitely a must, and so is the club’s museum.

Horse Races

Horse riding is deeply rooted into the country’s history and traditions, so no wonder that there’s a considerable number of horse tracks around Madrid. Betting at a horse race might seem as an extravagant and unwise way to spend your time (and money). But it’s worth watching such a display of grace and energy, especially on the monumental Hipodromo de la Zarzuela, a truly unique construction.


by protoplay

You cannot call it a Spanish vacation without attending a bullfight. The Plaza de Toros Monumantal de Las Ventas hosts weekly shows and can accommodate up to 23 000 spectators. The matadors you will admire are not total strangers, either: considering that we are dealing with the biggest bullfighting arena in the world, you’ll be admiring the best of the best.

Participant Sports

Of course you can practice the most various sports in Madid, from horse riding to squash. Golf is probably one of the most easy practicable sports, and prime quality golf courses can be found everywhere in Madrid. Some of the most popular are Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, Club Jarama Race and Real Club de Puerta de Hierro. Other popular sports for tourists are tennis, horse riding, swimming, polo or athletics.

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