Madrid Attractions for Kids

If you’re thinking that Madrid is all about fiestas, shopping and football, well, you’re wrong! There are many things that families with kids can do in Madrid, after all, let us not forget, this is the capital of Spain and not a resort!
So you should keep in mind that the Madrid attractions for kids we’ll be discussing today are far from being the only options for traveling families in search for entertainment. Madrid has many parks, children’s playgrounds and sports facilities, which open up endless possibilities. Hence, here are some very popular places families might consider for a short visit in Madrid:

Aventura Amazonia

by samu73

This great eco and adventure park is actually located several kilometers near Madrid, in a beautiful forest. Here children (and not only) can choose between different routes, all climbed up in the trees. You can opt for a circuit full of rope ladders, suspended bridges, ladders and lianas or just have fun sliding along the thrilling ziplines. However, keep in mind that advance reservations might be required to enter the park and the minimum age limit for children is 6.


Faunia is another of Madrid’s fun and educative facilities. Rather than a classical zoo, Faunia is a biologic park which aims to recreate eco-systems characteristic for four different climate zones. The park offers lots of fun and instructive tours, as well as the rare possibility to walk among artic animals and plants as if you were actually there.


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The Teleferico represents one of the most crowded areas of Madrid: a great place to admire the panorama of the city and have a small picnic at the end of the ride (which doesn’t take much, anyway, about 10 minutes.) Don’t miss the iconic El Balcon de Rosales restaurant at the end of your journey!

Madrid Zoo and Aquarium

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Another attraction which is open all year round is the Madrid Zoo and Aquarium. This is the kind of risk-free attraction that most kids adore, especially when they will hear about the two pandas born in captivity which are the stars of the zoo. Also, try to get a glimpse at the Iberian Linx, a variety of bobcat which is highly endangered.

Museo de Cera

Museo de Cera would translate like ‘The Wax Museum’, but this museum is Madrid is far from the typical Madame Tussaud’s. Most of the wax figures are represented by remarkable men and women from the history of Spain and there is also a brief documentary about the history of the country.

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