Luxury Accomodation in Madrid

by chris yunker

Five-star and boutique hotels are certainly not a rarity in a big capital city like Madrid. Its historic monuments, rich cultural life and notorious nightclubs are attracting millions of tourists every year, any there aren’t few those who are willing to pay the price of an ultra-central location or a deluxe suite with a private spa and Spanish-style balcony in order to enjoy the best of Madrid. Luxury accommodation in Madrid is quite easy to find, but a preliminary inventory of the city’s best rated hotels might prove quite useful for a future Madrid escape:

Central Hotels in Madrid

by tnarik

Many tourists prefer a central location to everything else. Madrid is the kind of city that never sleeps so a room with a view over one of Madrid’s buzzling squares will act as a barometer for estimating the crowd’s mood. The Ritz is probably among the most luxurious and nicely located hotels in Madrid, but there are other, less famous brands like Hotels Preciados, Tryp Alondras or Vila De La Reina that can also suit the more demanding tourists.

Boutique Hotels

Madrid has made a name for its numerous and brilliantly decorated boutique hotels. Some of them are part of biggesr hotel chains like Radisson Blu Madrid, Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso VII or Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower. Hotel Hesperia and Hotel Unico are particularly famous due to their Michelin starred restaurants. As for some proper boutique hotels (and by boutique I mean fewer rooms and individually designed rooms), you might want to check out names like Room Mate Alicia, Room Mate Laura, Room Mate Mario, Hotel de Las Letras or Posade de Leon de Oro. Hotel Silken Puerta America is particularly famous for its original, minimalist design and impeccable service.

Luxury Apartments and Villas

by uitdragerji

People who travel on a regular basis will often tell you that a hotel will always be a hotel, no matter how fancy or cosy. If you want to get a taste of Madrilean lifestyle and enjoy the maximum of privacy, the best solution would be to rent an apartment. The price of a luxury suite in Madrid can start somewhere around 2000 euro/month and can go up to 4500 euro per month depending on its size, facilities and location. Of course, these prices will sound less threatening if we consider the fact that people actually spend a whole month in Madrid or that a multi-bedroom apartment can be shared by several people.






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