Kid-friendly activities in Seville

camera obscura

Seville panorama ©Alexander Savin/Flickr

There few other places where one can get such an authentic grasp of medieval Spain as in Seville. This historic city in the heart of Andalusia is home to some of the most incredible architectural works and traditional manifestations. However, all this historic appeal might sound less appealing to families with kids, who might not be willing to spend hours, not even minutes while strolling through a museum. There’s still no reason to avoid visiting this amazing city. There are actually plenty of kid-friendly activities in Seville that you can try – and this is just a short list:

Camera Obscura

This is one of the more ‘obscure’ Seville attractions, well hidden on top of the 45m high Perdigones tower. Once you are up you’ll be able to admire amazing panoramas of Seville, and from a very unique perspective – that of a camera obscura. This predecessor of the modern camera was used by landscape painters to obtain a better impression of their subject. This is an inexpensive attraction that gadget and panorama fans of all ages will love.

camera obscura

Seville panorama ©Alexander Savin/Flickr

Isla Magica

Not very far from Seville you will find one of the biggest amusement parks in Spain. This park tries to recreate the age when America was discovered and colonized by Spanish explorers. You’ll get the chance to learn some trivia about colonization, but most importantly, you’ll get the fun and thrills that come with every amusement park visit. There will be plenty of rides and attractions to choose from, including a theater and a water-coaster.

amuseument park

Isla Magica bridge ©kojotomoto/Flickr

City bike tours

Families with a passion for outdoor activities and cycling can opt for a guided bike tour of old Seville. This way, you can explore the city and enjoy the benefits of exercising in the same time. In just a few hours you can create your own mental map of Seville attractions, and this without the moaning or the sore feet. Seville offers visitors a cheap bike sharing service.


biking in Seville ©European Cyclists’ Federation/Flickr


Seville has numerous attractions, but the torrid heat in the summer months can discourage even the most avid traveler. Lucky, in their creativity, humans have created the perfect remedy for a hot summer day: water parks. Sevilla’s water park is located close to the airport and it is accessible by public transport. You will find something for each family member at Aquapolis, from ‘extreme’ water sliders to toddler’s pools, and even an exclusive, VIP area.

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