Interesting facts and figures about Spanish football

football game

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There are few other countries where football is more popular and more widely appreciated by people of all ages than Spain. This Iberian country has also climbed the ladder of fame all the way up, with its national team and major football clubs gaining the most important competitions in the latest years. So no matter what the purpose of your visit, you are very likely to encounter some very passionate football supporters during your trip to Spain and maybe run into some street parties – as you might now already, Spaniards celebrate every big victory by getting out in the street, dancing and singing together. I figured some interesting facts and figures about Spanish football, won’t harm anyone who plans to travel there, not to mention that they can make great conversation starters:

Some recent wins

La Furia Roja(Red Fury), as Spaniards like to call their team, has managed to conquer anything there is to conquer in terms of international football. The team won the two most recent Euro Cups, as well as the Wold Cup in South Africa. They also won at the latest two editions of the Summer Olympics. The team’s captain, Iker Casillias, one of the best rated goal keepers in the world, in worshiped like a true hero in Spain.

street fiesta

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Barca vs Real

For as long as Spanish football existed, two big teams from two major cities have fought not only for national and international titles, but also for the first place in the hearts of Spanish football fans. These two teams are Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. When these teams play against each other – which usually happens twice a year – this becomes one of the great sports events of the year – so important that it has its own name: ‘El Clasico‘. Each of the two teams has an amazing history, having won numerous championships both in Spain and abroad.

barcelona stadium

camp nou stadium ©

It can be a very interesting experience to watch a football game in Spain, especially when a big team is involved. Alternatively, you can try visiting the two historic stadiums, Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu and Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

La Liga

La Liga, or Primera Division, is the name of the Spanish first division. The competition involves the 20th best football teams in the country. La Ligais one of the most appreciated competitions in the world – actually, many regard it as the world’s best national championship and definitely a very spectacular one.

football game

real madrid fans ©IntangibleArts/Flickr


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