Hottest Clubs in Ibiza

Widely accepted as the clubbers’ Mecca, the island of Ibiza is home to some of the hottest clubs in the whole world. There is no need to say, every partygoer has at least once dreamed about hitting Ibiza’s dance floors. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that many of Ibiza’s super-clubs have shaped the history of contemporary music. Ibiza’s famous DJ’s have been setting trends for decades now, and whenever you hear about some new electro musical genre or some hot party theme, it very likely originated in Ibiza. So pay attention to the following names as they designate the hottest clubs in Ibiza:


by David Boyle

One of the first names that come to mind when speaking of Ibiza legends, Pacha seems to have been around forever (1973). The two cherries forming the club’s well-known logo have become the sign of elegance, style and top DJ’s. Like any respectable club, Pacha has several floors and plays different genres of music, not to mention the hot dancers and wild parties.


Once a notorious hippie establishment, Amensia has slowly transformed into one of the leading house and dance music clubs of the world. Two huge halls and mesmerizing visuals help the DJ’s energize the crowds. Don’t miss their awarded ‘cocoon party’!


by eduardpitt

You might expect some futuristic decors and alien sounds to be the trademarks of this club, however Space is something totally different. With a huge open-air terrace, Space represented the one and only day club in Ibiza. Day parties aren’t the norm any longer, but it’s still worth paying the entrance fee on Sunday as  Carl Cox is there to set everybody in the party mood.


Eden is relatively young for Ibiza standards (1999) yet it has managed to impose as one of the Hottest clubs in Ibiza. Also according to Ibiza Eden is a fairly-sized club, as it can accommodate up to 5000 people. The music played (or, considering we’re talking about Ibiza here, we could also say ‘made’) at Eden is quite eclectic, and so is the plethora of DJ’s that have been invited here throughout the years.


by Phil Wiffen

At Privilege club in Ibiza, it’s all about grandeur. The club claims to be the biggest in the world and all those who enter the enormous main hall will probably tell you the same. The cherry on top at each party is represented by the inside pool, located right under the DJ booth.

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