Historic Restaurants and Cafés in Madrid


by dequella manera

Madrid is a lively capital full of historic charm, where arts, football and nightlife get just as much attention. From the football culture to the literary cafés, there are many sides of Madrid to explore and discover. But you should never say goodbye to this amazing Spanish metropolis without trying out some of its world-class restaurants and cafés. From the city with the oldest restaurant in the world, I give you the best historic restaurants and cafés in Madrid:

The Jockey

The Jockey in not only famous for its unique dishes and refined combinations, but also for its exclusive clientele. Since its opening in 1945, the restaurant has managed to put together an irresistible menu, consisting of delicious game and seafood dishes, as well as a carefully selected list of wines. The restaurant’s guest book includes princes and princesses, politicians and football players, as well as a number of Hollywood celebrities.

Café Gijon

This is not only one of the oldest such establishments in Madrid but also ‘the’ place when it comes to exploring the city’s cultural life. In other times the café used to attract Madrid’s most promising artists, and their fecund enthusiasm still persists in Café Gijon’s weekly live piano recitals, poetry readings and various cultural events.

Casa Lucio

by scaredy_cat

Not as old as the previously mentioned locations, Casa Lucio is still among the most appreciated restaurants in Madrid. With a traditional decorum and  the kind of warm atmosphere typical for family businesses, Casa Lucio is the perfect spot to sample some authentic Castillian dishes.

El Parnasillo

Much like the formerly mentioned Café Dijon, El Parnasillo used to be a favourite hangout place for Madrid’s literary elite. The café is best known for being the target of a terrorist bomb attack, and has lost much of its famous clientele in the last decades. It has still preserved its inspiring atmosphere, however, along with a nice list of snacks and drinks.

Casa Labra

Unlike the numerous celebrity-frequented restaurants and literary cafes in Madrid, Casa Labra became famous as the meeting place of 19th century leftist groups. The Social Party is Spain considers this café to be its birthplace.


by LWY

It’s quite hard to compete with Restaurant Botin’s centuries of experience. Alegedly the oldest restaurant in the world, Botin has a history that can be traced back to early 18th century. History has given this restaurant a particular charm (like the sober atmosphere of an old castle), yet even more appreciated is its menu, with its classic roasted piglets and squids cooked in their own ink.

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