Guide to High Street Shopping in Madrid

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As one of Europe’s biggest and most visited cities, Madrid is a reputable fashion capital and a great shopping destination. Madrid is also said to be less expensive than Paris or London, and in the same time its proverbial night life makes it appealing for party-loving shoppers, too.

Those interested in shopping in Madrid will be delighted to find out that most of the city’s big fashion retailers and boutiques are clustered around a few major, centrally located streets. This guide to high street shopping in Madrid will tell you which are the most popular shopping districts in Spain’s capital and what famous brands you can find there:

Puerta del Sol – Calle Preciados

It’s hard to miss Calle Preciados, no matter how basic your knowledge of Madrid. This street is situated right at the heart of Madrid, very close to Puerta del Sol. Although this is one of the busiest areas of the capital, shopping is good, with lots of big stores such as the famous Spanish brand Zara,  Benneton or Mango. Madrid’s famous department store El Corte Ingles can also be found on this street, as well as the FNAC, a music and books mega-store.

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Salamanca – Calle Orega y Gasset

For some really high end shopping, head for Salamanca. This is one of the poshest areas of Madrid and the place where most of the city’s fashion boutiques and luxury brand stores are located. There are several shopping streets in Salamanca, but Calle Orega y Gasset is certainly the place to start if you are looking for designer stores such as Armani, Versace, Louis Vuitton or Calvin Klein.


Salamanca may be the place were rich heiresses and celebrities shop, but if you are looking for chic, contemporary fashion then my bet is with Fuencarral. Located close to Chuenca, Madrid’s most liberal neighborhood, Calle Fuencarral attracts a colorful crowd. Here you can find the big sports and urban brands such as Puma, Diesel, Adidas, but also lots some really nice local fashion boutiques.

Madrid at night

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Calle Princesa

If you are not interested in anything particular, but could use a few hours of window shopping and strolling around, try heading for Calle Princesa. This elegant Madrid street lives up to its name (Princess Street), but they keyword here is diversity. Among local and international retailers selling clothes, jewelry and shoes, you’ll also find an array of cafes, restaurants, and even a few good clubs.

shop in Madrid

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