Guide to fine dining in Madrid

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There are countless reasons why Madrid can be counted among Europe’s most visited cities, and excellent food is certainly one of them. The Spanish capital has a record number of Michelin awarded restaurants, and it is also the city with the oldest restaurant in Europe.

A true heaven for foodies, Madrid is great for indulging on Spanish cuisine, but also a great place to look for some of Europe’s most famous chefs and best gourmet restaurants. In today’s guide we have included some of the best restaurants one can find in the capital of Spain:

El Club Allard

Here is a restaurant that can satisfy even the most refined tastes. Rated with two Michelin stars, the place is so popular that it doesn’t even need a sign. This fusion restaurant is the kind of establishment where food is the one and only concern: there are no breathtaking views, no live music, no paintings on the walls or strong colors.

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La Terraza del Casino del Madrid

This award-winning Madrid restaurant is situated in a central area of Madrid, Calle Alcala. The restaurant is part of a private club, but you don’t necessarily have to be a member in order to get a table. Praised as one of Madrid’s finest restaurants, La Terraza del Casino offers a selection of international and gourmet dishes, along with impeccable service.

Zalacain Restaurant

If you’re determined to dine is style while visiting the city of Madrid, then the Zalacain Restaurant might be the perfect choice for you. The elegant setting and the ultra-central create the perfect atmosphere for an evening of culinary revelations. The menu features classic Spanish dishes, as well as a wine list worthy of a king. Our advice: no matter what you decide to try out, make sure you leave room for dessert.

traditional recipe

Cooking traditional suckling pig © PromoMadrid/Flickr

Corral de la Morería

This long-established Madrid restaurant offers one of the most unique culinary experiences. Traditional Spanish cuisine is spiced up with quality flamenco representations, often given by famous artists. The restaurant represents one of the first establishments of its type, offering a classic example of ‘tabalo flamenco’.

Sergi Arola Gastro

Are you tired of paellas and you like a taste of contemporary Madrid? Well, whet it comes to fine dining in Madrid, Sergi Arola’s restaurant might just be the right place. With signature dishes such as honey ice cream or smoked scallop wit potatoes, this restaurant run by chef Sergi Arola promises to enchant you with new and unexpected combinations and aromas.

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