Gothic Architecture Masterpieces in Spain

by Nigel's Europe

When speaking of the gothic style and Spain, the first thing that usually comes in most people’s mind is Barcelona (and its very famous district Bari Gothic). But remarkable samples of gothic architecture can be found everywhere in Spain, for the big cities to the picturesque little villages. Not to mention that Spanish architects and masons from Middle Ages have developed their own version of the Gothic style, simply called ‘Spanish Gothic’. So if you ever travel to Spain with the thought of discovering its monuments and architectural wonders, then the following Gothic architecture masterpieces in Spain are not to be missed:

Cuenca Cathedral

Cuenca is a small town in central Spain, well known for its medieval architecture – and especially churches and monasteries. The cathedral of Cuenca, officially known as ‘Our Lady of Grace’ is one of the oldest in the country; its construction began sometime during the 12th century. It’s style is characterized as ‘early Gothic’, with a rectangular façade and a cross plan.

Burgos Cathedral, Burgos

Built one century later that the Cuenca cathedral, the cathedral in Burgos resembles the great gothic cathedrals in Northern France. It’s impressive high and the richly decorated, conical towers make it one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain. Its beauty if only obscured by the fame of the people buried here: more exactly, El Cid, the legendary Spanish hero and his lady.

Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

by SBA73

Barcelona has several gothic cathedrals but what makes Santa Maria del Mar so special is the fact that it’s a lovely sample of Catalan Gothic, another variety of Spanish Gothic. Its elegant, thin columns and the numerous windows makes this church seem unusually bright and spacious – an atypical feature for the gothic style. A little off the beaten path for many Barcelona tourists, the Santa Maria de Mar offers a oasis of tranquillity and Gothic grandeur.

La Seu, Palma de Majorca

by anieto2k

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma, dubbed ‘La Seu’ is one of the most monumental Gothic constructions in Spain. Due to its huge proportions (among other causes), the cathedral took almost 400 years to complete. Its rectangular shape, similar to an ark, makes it distinguishable among all Spanish Gothic cathedrals. Even though it  was built on the place of a former mosque, this cathedral is one of the most faithful to the Gothic style. Famous architect Antoni Gaudi has brought some minor changes during his brief involvement with La Seu cathedral restoration project.



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