Favourite Activities in Canary Islands

by hector garcia

A favourite beach destination for Northern Europeans, the Canary Islands represent one of Spain’s greatest assets in terms of tourism. Actually, tourism is the main industry on these islands, which are not only blessed with lovely beaches and pleasant climate, but also offer various attractions and activities to the fun-hungry tourist.  As we all know quite well, the risk of getting bored can be quite high during a beach vacation. It might not be the case of Canary Islands nevertheless: check out these favourite activities in Canary Islands and you’ll understand why:


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The Canary islands are generally regarded as a beach holiday destination par excellence but their warm and clear waters also make them a veritable diver’s paradise. Overall, the island’s offer a complete diver’s experience: one can get beginner training but can also be challenged by less accessible diving spots and underwater ship wrecks. The great attraction in the Canary island is represented by the extremely rich underwater fauna: due to their unique location the islands host in their waters a combination of tropical reef fish and typical Atlantic marine life.


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When confronted with the Canary Islands scenery, hiking seems like the natural thing to do. There are plenty of natural wonders to explore, starting with Europe’s favourite attraction, Mount Teide National Park. Another favourite hiking destination in the canaries is Garajonay National Park on La Gomera Island, a tiny island famous for its lush rainforests and unusual volcanic rock formations.


Like one would expect from any popular beach destination, the Canary Islands have quite a number of golf courses. The biggest and most luxurious golf courses are of course located in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, but if you choose to go to Lanzarote and Fuerteventura you won’t be deprives from practising this relaxing sport, neither. The typical Canaries gold course is a club like facility offering courses, equipment renting, a small bar/café and shower rooms.

Theme parks

In lack of inspiration, you might also opt for one of the amusement parks in the archipelago. The biggest and most famous such facility is Siam Park in Tenerife. Sioux City on Gran Canaria and Rancho Texas in Lanzarote are two popular attractions with families and kids, both inspired from the Old West. The island of Gran Canaria also has a water park  for the hot days of summer: the park is called Aqualand and is situated near Playa del Ingles.

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