Favorite Stag Party Destinations in Spain

by qute

Plenty of sun and what it seems like an inborn talent for partying recommend Spain as a top stag party destination. The cheap and frequent flights have determined many of Europe’s stags to flee to Spain in search for the ultimate party. And they mostly get what they came for, as Spain is among the few European countries where clubs stay open till the break of dawn. The following resorts and cities are some of the favorite stag party destinations in Spain:


by marcosjam

Say Barcelona and nothing more! The city is bustling with art and culture but it’s also a trend-setter in terms of clubbing. Barcelona can give you both the dizzying feel of a big city and the joys of a beach vacation. Once you’ve chosen the path of living la vida loca, all kind of opportunities start to emerge: you might rent a boat, watch a match of football, learn flamenco, join the crowds at some local festival or simply wander around.


From its very beginnings, this famous resort on Spain’s Costa Blanca seems to have been designed to please and entertain. With its unbelievable climate and loud clubs, Benidorm is a magnet for youngsters world-wide.  If you love beaches, water sports, bikini parties and have at least once been labeled as a ‘party-animal’, Benidorm should make your list of future stag party destinations.


by chris1961

Once you’ve set your foot on the island of Mallorca, prepare yourself to say good-bye to sleeping. This island in the Mediterranean boasts with sun and water splashes, and prices are quite decent, also. Magalluf is the most popular destination with stags, and is especially known for its clubs being closed late after sunrise (about 7 in the morning!). If you care for more privacy, you can choose any of the neighboring Palma Nova or Santa Ponsa – you’ll still have the fabulous clubs in reach.


Back to continental Spain, Costa del Sol awaits you with its most notable nightlife destination: Malaga.  Its laid back atmosphere is so contagious, that you’ll soon feel like you’ve been vacationing forever. The restaurant, clubbing and activity options are quite diverse and you won’t have any problem in making new friends. You might want to watch a corrida, too.


by juank

Ibiza’s nightclubs are iconic, so no need to go any further at this chapter. If you are passionate about electro music and are up to date with the hottest DJ’s, you’ll have no problems blending in. But either way, Ibiza’s climate and beaches are wonderful so you can just chill out and enjoy a huge glass of sangria.


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