Favorite Attractions near Seville

As one of the major cultural hubs in Spain, Seville displays a unique architecture and is the annual hosts of numerous cultural and religious manifestations, culminating with the world-famous ‘Semana Santa’ parade. Located in the hot and exotic Andalusia, Seville is one of those beautiful historic Spanish cities which have learned how to reconcile the values of Catholicism with the minarets and mosques left behind by the Moors.
On top of its numerous monuments and historic attractions Seville offers a number of exciting day-trip destinations. So for those willing to adventure outside the city walls, here are some favorite attractions near Seville:


by tiuburk

Those interested in Mudejar architecture (a mix of Arabic and western style), mustn’t miss this village near Seville. Carmona represents an oasis of history in the middle of an idyllic landscape. The center of the city is dominated by a medieval clock tower, quiet similar to the Girlada in Seville, while at the village’s outskirts you will find orchards, plantations, as well as an ancient necropolis of significant archaeological importance.

Coto Donana

It’s always worth mentioning this superb park with its abounding wildlife. A widely visited national reserve in Andalusia, Coto Donana is especially sought-for by birdwatchers, who come here to take a memorable snap of pink flamingoes against the azure sky or maybe an imperial eagle on the point of grabbing his prey. As swamps and wetlands make most of the park’s surface, this wondrous location is accessible by both water and land.


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By its full name Jerez de la Frontera, Jerez represents a flourishing community in the immediate vicinity of Cadiz. There are plenty of monuments and attractions in Jerez, including some very old churches (some of them date back to the 13th century), as well a number of imposing constructions like villas, palaces and fortresses (there is actually one big fortress, known as the Alcazar of Jerez). However, the name of Jerez is mostly known is association with the delicious sherry produced in this region.


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A very short trip from Seville, Italica is a vast archeological site whose history can be traced back to the 2nd century BC. Here one can admire the architecture of a typical Roman city, with its squares, coliseum, villas, roads and decorative mosaics. Italic was the birthplace of one of Rome’s most glorious emperors, Trajan, one of the last rulers to extend the borders of the imperium before its final collapse in the 5th century AD.

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