Family activities in and around Granada


view of Sierra Nevada ©Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive/Flickr

Okay, so you have arrived in Granada, seen its architectural marvels, strolled along its historic streets. You still have a few days to spend in this splendid Andalusian city and you are out of ideas. Don’t worry, there are plenty of things to do and experience here, so there are actually very little chances to get bored.

Traveling with kids might seem to complicate things apparently, but that’s just an illusion – or at least when it comes to Granada. Granada can be very kid-friendly if you know where to look – just check out these exciting activities and attractions:

Guided City Walks

A guided walk through the historic center of the city will help you discover the people and stories behind Granada’s streets and buildings in a fun and interactive way. Kids have the liberty to move and play around a bit, and you will be spared the effort of carrying a travel guide. Also, tours are available in English so there is no language barrier to stay between you and this amazing Spanish city.

historic Granada

Granada cathedral ©Sebastian Baryli/Flickr

Fun on the Beach

It would simply be a pity to travel all the way to Southern Spain and not get a taste of the fabulous beaches on Costa del Sol. No kids will ever say no to a day of sunbathing, swimming or trying all kinds of water sports on one of Europe’s best beaches.  It takes last than an hour by car to reach the seaside, where you can just drive around and choose a beach to your liking.

Sierra Nevada Trip

Not a fan of the seaside? Why not try the mountains, then? These scenic mountains in Southern Spain are and ideal hiking destination. You can try all kinds of activities here, from climbing and trekking to canyoning. In wintertime, Sierra Nevada mountains become a first-class ski destination.


view of Sierra Nevada ©Adam Jones, Ph.D. – Global Photo Archive/Flickr

Museo Cuevas Sacromonte

This attraction is often overlooked by visitors, who sometimes spend half a day just visiting the famous Alhambra palace complex. This is rather ironic, as the museum/cave system is quite close to Alhambra, as it is part of Granada’s hills. The caves have once been inhabited by humans and some of the objects they used have survived the ages and are part of the museum’s collection. The museum mainly an ethnographic museum, meaning you get the change to learn about the local culture. Occasionally, there will also be workshops, shows and demonstrations at the museum.

ethnographic museum

Sacromonte museum ©gastromartini/Flickr






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