Fabulous early summer destinations in Spain

Ibiza in summer

Ibiza beach © victoriapeckham/Flickr

Will your summer holiday start early this year? Well, that is great news, as you are likely to pay much less for your vacation in May or early June than you would usually pay during high season. Not to mention the lack of crowds and queues.

And if your chosen destination is Spain, then you will most probably enjoy some good weather, too. Spain, especially in the southern part, is fabulous at this time of the year. The weather is warm but not hot, and the beaches are not too crowded. So stay tuned and see our list of hand-picked destinations.


With students still in school, June is the perfect time to visit Ibiza. Getting there before the summer crowds will help you make the best out of the islands’ fabulous beaches, landscapes and food, without having to bump into someone at every step you take. While hoteliers, restaurant owners and clubs are fresh and ready for a new season, you’ll find that prices are considerably lower than in July-August. Plus, the proverbially clean and calm sea is perfect for swimming and all kinds of water sports.

Ibiza in summer

Ibiza beach © victoriapeckham/Flickr


Valencia might not be such a popular destination as Madrid or Barcelona, but this is not to say that Spain’s third largest city has nothing to offer. Visiting Valencia before the heat wave hits will give you the chance to stroll along its streets, shopping centers and museum halls without fearing that you’ll melt. Valencia can offer some remarkable examples of Gothic architecture, but also lots of buildings and houses built in modern styles, such as Art Nouveau. Valencia’s zoo is one of the largest in Spain, and its Museum of Ceramics is unique. Whenever you get tired of sightseeing, you can always find a refuge in the nearby beaches.

cathedral facade

Valencia cathedral © ho visto nina volare/Flickr


If you cannot decide whether you prefer the mountains and the sea, just head for Vigo, a town in North-Western Spain, close to the Portuguese border. The waters of the Atlantic might not be as warm as those of the Mediterranean, but this does not mean that the beaches around Vigo are not spectacular. The coast of Cantabria is famous for its amazing combination of beaches, mountains and forests, and if you adventure outside Vigo you will be surprised by the number of national parks in the area. Add the region’s famous wines and irresistible food, and you have found one of the most fabulous early summer destinations in Spain.


Vigo panorama © mcxurxo/Flickr

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